Saints Available for Presentations & Socials

Listed Alphabetically


  • Alonso Rodriguez
    Widower, father, Jesuit doorkeeper; model of humility
  • Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
    Aloysius Gonzaga
    Jesuit youth; patron of students, youth, AIDS patients and caregivers
  • St Andre Bessette
    André Bessette
    “Brother André” – Congregation of the Holy Cross, doorman, promoted devotion to St. Joseph
  • Saint Anthony Mary Claret
    Anthony Mary Claret
    Doctor of the Church, Carmelite, founder of Congregation of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; patron of Catholic press
  • Anthony of Padua
    Doctor of the Church, priest, preacher; patron saint of San Antonio, lost articles, travelers, faith in the Blessed Sacrament
  • Holy Archangels
    Michael, Raphael, Gabriel
  • St. Augustine Hippo
    Augustine of Hippo
    Doctor of the Church, famous convert


  • Benedict of Nursia
    Father of monasticism
  • Bernadette Soubirous
    shepherd girl, seer of Our Lady of Lourdes apparitions, young religious
  • Bridget of Sweden
    Mother of three, mystic, pilgrim, founder of Order of the Most Holy Savior
  • Brigid of Kildare
    Abbess; patron of Ireland, poets, travelers
  • Bona of Pisa
    Mystic, Visionary, Pilgrim


  • Catherine of Alexandria
    Virgin, martyr; patron of philosophers, educators, students
  • St Catherine Laboure
    Catherine Laboure
    Miraculous Medal seer
  • Catherine of Siena
    Catherine of Siena
    Doctor of the Church, Dominican tertiary, mystic, papal advisor
  • Cecilia
    Early martyr, patron of musicians
  • Saint Charbel Makhlouf
    Charbel Makhlouf
    Maronite Lebanese monk; patron against health issues
  • Bl. Chiara Badano
    Chiara Badano
    Twentieth-century teen cancer patient
  • Clare of Assisi
    friend of St. Francis, mystic, founder of Poor Clares; patron of television
  • Cyril of Jerusalem
    Doctor of the Church


  • Saint Damien of Molokai
    Damien of Molokai
    “Servant of Humanity” / served lepers; patron of Hawaii, HIV, AIDS


  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary
    Elizabeth of Hungary
    Devout princess who cared for poor & lowly, young widow
  • Elizabeth Ann Seton
    Born in USA, founded Sisters of Charity, patron of Catholic schools
  • Esperanza de Jesus
    “Mother Esperanza” / Maria Josefa Alhama y Valera / Founded Family of Merciful Love
  • Saint Eustochia's incorrupt body
    Eustochia Smeralda Calafato
    Poor Clare, stigmatist
  • Ephrem of Syria
    Patron of Spiritual Directors


  • St. Fabiola of Rome
    Fabiola of Rome
    Patroness of divorcees, spiritual directee of St. Jerome
  • Saint Faustina Kowalska with Divine Mercy image
    Faustina Kowalska
    Secretary of Divine Mercy, Polish nun
  • Francisco Marto
    Seer of Fatima apparitions
  • Saint Francis of Assisi
    Francis of Assisi
    Poor friar, founded Franciscan Order; patron of peace, animals, environment
  • Francis Xavier
    Jesuit priest, missionary
  • St Frances Cabrini
    Francis Xavier Cabrini
    American immigrant, Sacred Heart missionary


  • Gaetano Catanoso
    “Missionary of the Holy Face”; patron of serving poor
  • Gemma Galgani
    Stigmatist, mystic, Saint of Christ’s Passion
  • Germaine Cousin
    Poor shepherdess; patron of abandoned, abused, disabled, sick, loss of parents
  • Gertrude the Great
    Only female saint called “the Great”, theologian of Sacred Heart, mystic, nun
  • St Gianna Molla
    Gianna Beretta Molla
    Wife, mother, physician, died in childbirth to save her child
  • Gladys & Woolos
    Welsh “Bonnie and Clyde”, spouses, converts
  • St. Gregory the Great
    Gregory the Great
    Pope, Monk, Doctor of the Church


  • Helena of Constantinople
    Queen mother of Constantine, patron of Holy Land sites
  • Hildegard of Bingen
    Doctor of the Church, Abbess, mystic, poet, artist, medical pioneer


  • St Ignatius of Loyola in armor
    Ignatius of Loyola
    Founded Society of Jesus (Jesuits), created Spiritual Exercises and Examen; patron of soldiers, retreats


  • Jacinta Marto
    Seer of Fatima apparitions
  • Jeanne de Chantal
    Widow, mother, founded Visitation Sisters, friend of St. Francis de Sales; patron of forgotten people, against in-law problems and death of parents
  • Joan of Arc
    Jeanne d’Arc / French youth, soldier, prisoner, martyr; patron of people ridiculed for piety
  • Joan of Valois
    Queen, widow, founded Order of the Annunciades, physically deformed; patron of unwanted pregnancies, handicapped
  • John Berchmans
    Patron of youth, altar servers
  • St John Bosco
    John Bosco
    Priest, teacher, educator, patron of children & students, founded the Salesian family
  • John Neumann
    Bishop of New York and Philadelphia; patron of sick children and immigrants
  • John of the Cross
    Doctor of the Church, Carmelite reformer, mystic, poet known for “Dark Night of the Soul”
  • St John the Baptist
    John the Baptist
    Cousin of Jesus, Forerunner of the Messiah
  • Pope John XXIII
    John XXIII
    Convened Vatican Council II; patron of evangelizers, educators
  • Josemaria Escriva
    Priest, founded Opus Dei, champion of everyday holiness
  • Joseph of Nazareth
    Husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus; patron of the Universal Church, husbands
  • Josephine Bakhita
    Sudanese slave, religious, model of forgiveness
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe image
    Juan Diego
    Cuauhtlatoatzin /Aztec convert, seer of Our Lady of Guadalupe apparitions
  • Jude the Apostle
    Jude Thaddeus / Apostle, cousin of Jesus, patron of lost causes
  • Julie Billiart
    Paralyzed for 22 years as young adult, Sisters of Notre Dame founder


  • Kateri Tekakwitha
    Lily of the Mohawks; patron of environment, ecology
  • Katharine Drexel
    Born in USA, devoted missionary to Native Americans & African Americans; patron of racial justice


  • Laura Vicuña
    Chilean youth, offered life for mother’s conversion; patron of abuse victims
  • Sts. Zelie and Louis Martin
    Louis & Zélie Martin
    Spouses, parents of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, professionals, suffered dementia/breast cancer
  • Louis Marie de Montfort
    Promoter of Consecration to Jesus through Mary
  • St Lucy
    virgin, martyr; patron against eye problems, hemhorrages
  • Luigi and Maria Quattrochi
    Luigi & Maria Quattrochi
    Spouses, parents, professionals


  • Margaret Mary Alacoque
    Beloved Disciple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Visitation Sister; patron against loss of parents
  • Margaret of Cortona
    Single mother, widow, penitent, Third Order Franciscan, patron of homeless and against sexual temptation
  • Maria Goretti
    youth, virgin, martyr (rape victim), model of forgiveness
  • Maria Domenica Mazzarello
    Salesian Sisters founder; Dedicated to Youth; Patron of sick
  • Maria Karlowska
    Women’s advocate; Served prostitutes & STD patients
  • St. Marie-Alphonsine Ghattas
    Marie-Alphonsine Ghattas
    Visionary, founded Holy Rosary Sisters – only native Palestinian women’s religious order; patron of students, teachers
  • Mark the Evangelist
    Disciple of St. Peter, wrote the Gospel of Mark; patron of attorneys and prisoners
  • Facial reconstruction of San Martin de Porres by Cicero Moraes
    Martin de Porres
    Peruvian who served the poor
  • Mary Magdalene
    Apostle to the Apostles, first witness of Resurrection, patron of women and converts
  • St. Mary of Egypt
    Mary of Egypt
    Desert Mother, converted prostitute; patron of deliverance from carnal passions
  • Mary of Jesus Crucified
    Mary of Jesus Crucified
    Miriam Baouardy / “The Little Arab” /”Lily of Palestine” / Carmelite mystic; patron of prisoners and peace in Holy Land
  • Monica
    St. Augustine of Hippo’s mother, persistent prayer converted her family


  • Nicholas
    Charitable Bishop of Myra


  • Perpetua & Felicity
    Prisoners, martyrs; patrons of expectant mothers, persecution
  • Saint Peter Claver
    Peter Claver
    Jesuit missionary to African slaves; patron of inter-racial justice
  • Peter Damian
    Doctor of the Church, Benedictine monk, prolific writer, fought Church corruption
  • Padre Pio
    Pio of Pietrelcina
    “Padre Pio” / Capuchin Franciscan priest, mystic, stigmatist


  • Rita of Cascia
    Wife, mother, religious; patron of impossible causes, difficult marriages, abuse, loneliness, widows
  • Rose of Lima
    Peruvian Third Order Dominican, ascetic, visionary; patroness of South America
  • Rose Venerini
    Teacher, founded first public school for girls in Italy; patron of girls, educators
  • Rose Philippine Duchesne
    Sacred Heart Missionary to U.S., Devoted to Native Americans


  • Sophie Barat
    Founded Society of Sacred Heart; patron of school girls


  • Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross - Edith Stein
    Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
    Edith Stein / Jewish convert, philosopher, professor, Carmelite nun, martyred at Auschwitz
  • Teresa of Avila
    Teresa of Avila
    Teresa of Jesus / Doctor of the Church, Carmelite reformer
  • Teresa of Calcutta
    “Mother Teresa” / Founded Missionaries of Charity
  • Thecla
    Early ascetic, disciple of St. Paul
  • Mother Theodore Guerin
    American Citizen, Religious, Teacher, Pioneer
  • St Therese of Lisieux
    Thérèse of Lisieux
    Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face / “The Little Flower”
  • St. Thomas Aquinas
    Thomas Aquinas
    “Angelic” Doctor of the Church, Dominican, philosopher, theologian, prolific author; patron of schools, students
  • St. Thomas Beckett
    Thomas Beckett
    Martyr, Archbishop of Canterbury; patron of clergy
  • Timothy & Maura
    Newlywed spouses, martyrs


  • Saint Vincent Ferrer
    Vincent Ferrer
    “Angel of the Apocalypse” / “Prince of Preachers” converted thousands; patron of builders