Socials with the Saints

Be inspired by the saints.

Socials with the Saints are opportunities to learn from role models of faith and from one another, for fellowship, prayer, and receiving spiritual tools.

Our mission is to inspire individuals in their daily pilgrimage by introducing them to companions on the journey, in the Communion of Saints.

  • Monthly In-Person Event: Friendly introduction to a role model of faith (saint), with discussion & prayer
  • Audio Podcast: Listen-in as we discuss the saints. How can they help you in your daily life?
  • Plus: Saint quote cards, pamphlet to print & share, and ways for you to join the discussion!

The official Socials with the Saints theme song is “Hero’s Ascent” by Chris Haugen. Used with permission.

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Past Socials

Meet St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina | Socials with the Saints

Have a Social with the Saints! Meet St. ‘Padre’ Pio of Pietrelcina, a twentieth-century mystic & Capuchin Franciscan priest who famously developed the stigmata (wounds of Christ) on his body, […]

Meet St. Edith Stein | Socials with the Saints

VIDEO & AUDIO – St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), who was born a Jew, became an atheist, and converted to the Catholic faith. After an academic career in philosophy, Edith took vows as a Carmelite nun. She was killed in a Nazi concentration camp.

Meet St. Bonaventure | Socials with the Saints

VIDEO & AUDIO – Who is the “Seraphic” Doctor of the Church, considered the second founder of the Franciscan Order? Encounter the love for God of one of the greatest theologians in history.

Meet St. Cyril of Alexandria | Socials with the Saints

VIDEO & AUDIO – Is Mary Mother of God… or mother of Jesus the man? When this caused controversy in the early Christian church, Cyril stepped up. See what happened, and where it happened!

Meet St. Joan of Arc | Socials with the Saints

VIDEO & AUDIO – Engage your life’s battles inspired by this courageous saint who has captured imaginations throughout history. But who was she, really?

Meet St. Oscar Romero | Socials with the Saints

VIDEO & AUDIO – Wrestling with his mental health, political turmoil & widespread violence, this assassinated bishop’s personal story of transformation is bound to surprise & inspire those who hear it. How will it impact you?

Meet St. Catherine of Siena | Socials with the Saints

VIDEO & AUDIO – Meet the bold & beloved young Italian who became one of the most important figures in the history of Western civilization. This Doctor of the Church was both a practical evangelist and a mystic who dialogued with God the Father. Hear her story, and be inspired to know & love God and neighbor more.

Meet St. Bernadette Soubirous

VIDEO & AUDIO – Meet the saint of Lourdes; a once-unknown miller’s daughter whom God chose to be a messenger now known throughout the world.

Meet St. Henry de Osso

VIDEO & AUDIO – Meet a role model whose focus on Jesus helped him lead children, men, and women – of all classes, to a better life in a time of sociopolitical upheaval. What will he teach you?

Meet St. Lucy

VIDEO – Who is St. Lucy, celebrated by many cultures in December? How does her story give hope today?