Meet the Master

Who Is Jesus?

Meet the Master is a monthly encounter with Jesus Christ, open to everyone.

Launched in 2019, Meet the Master continues to offer monthly opportunities for reflection, learning, and inspiration.

This year, we draw inspiration from the writings of Blessed Concepcion “Conchita” Cabrera de Armida. In the book What Jesus Is Like, Conchita shows us the very human, as well as divine, side of Jesus; covering many aspects of his life, personality, and person.

  • Approach

    Jesus said, “Come to me.” Accept this invitation through guided prayer.

  • Learn

    Jesus said, “Learn from me.” Enter into relevant Scripture, to encounter Jesus in his words and actions. Receive additional direction from his disciples throughout the ages (the saints and the Church).

  • Sit & Speak

    Jesus asked, “What are you looking for?” Sit with him in silence, and speak with him through guided reflection.

  • Walk

    Jesus said, “Come and see.” Go forth, taking this encounter into your daily life with a spiritual exercise.

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