Living Catholicism

Each month, you’ll find this column in Today’s Catholic newspaper.  You’ll also find each month’s contribution here after publication, to share with your friends.  Enjoy!

Living Catholicism: New Life In Christ

“Christ has risen!” “He has risen indeed, Alleluia!” If you were to walk the streets of Jerusalem during the Easter season, you might hear Christians greet each other with the salutation above, as if this were a current event; and indeed, it is. Yes, Jesus rose from the dead 2,000 years ago, but his Resurrection […]

Living Catholicism: Diving Into the Bible

On my own, I have read the entire Bible several times, and in particular the Gospels, yet I discovered that the more I read, the more I grew in the desire to increase my understanding and enrich my faith. My routine was to read Scripture daily, reflect on it and see how what I had […]

Living Catholicism: The Saints and Us

As Catholics, we know that death is not the end. We may even be so bold as to say that it is just the beginning. Every November, we remember those who have achieved what we hope and are hopefully working toward… eternity with God! On Nov. 1, we celebrate All Saints Day and, “We remember […]

Living Catholicism: Consuming Media As A Christian

In our spare time, are we pursuing what God calls us to do? After work, taking care of family and friends, our homes, etc., we feel we earned a moment to ourselves. So, we plop down on the couch, pick up a book or magazine or the remote to the television, with a sigh, just […]

Living Catholicism – Changing the Trajectory of Fear

Fear. Today, there is much fear about our country and our world. I was born after 1980, and serve teens in my parish; thus, I’m on the receiving end of much worry. I often hear parishioners and parents ask the million dollar question, “How can we help change the trajectory of future generations?” Allow me […]