Living Catholicism

Each month, you’ll find this column in Today’s Catholic newspaper.  You’ll also find each month’s contribution here after publication, to share with your friends.  Enjoy!

The Gospel According to You

ARTICLE – How would you and I begin our “Gospel according to (Your Name Here)”? What would our story convey about how we relate to Jesus?

Unique & United: Church’s Diversity Testifies to Truth

ARTICLE – Did you know there are various expressions of the Catholic faith, both inside & outside Roman Catholicism? Learn about it in our monthly column.

Love or hate?

AUDIO & ARTICLE – Sometimes the things we experience can change the course of our lives and have a profound effect on how we see our self and others. If you struggle between love & hate, find hope here.

Mercy – Love’s Second Name

This Living Catholicism column was written for Today’s Catholic (4-26-19), the newspaper of the Archdiocese of San Antonio: Divine Mercy Sunday is now either before us or just passed. This is […]

Mindfulness in Living Catholicism

What are we Catholics to do when someone suggests we practice Mindfulness? You see this word a lot lately, even Time Magazine recently had a whole issue dedicated to Mindfulness […]