Intercessors for Pilgrim Center of Hope

Intercessors for Pilgrim Center of Hope (PCH) are persons who make an annual commitment to praying daily for the PCH mission, projects, staff, and volunteers. We consider each Intercessor a Missionary of Hope!

This team of Intercessors – each praying in his or her own home, parish chapel, or other place – is a united effort in building up the Body of Christ through this evangelization ministry.  We know that prayer is essential for any ministry which desires to serve the Lord and the Church He founded.

Every month, our committed Intercessors receive the Missionary of Hope newsletter, which includes the needs and prayer intentions of PCH.


  • Commit to a time of prayer each day.
  • Live the sacramental life, to include reception of Holy Communion.  Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least every other month.
  • Pray the Intercessors’ Prayer on a daily basis.
  • Be in communion with the Catholic Church under the Holy Father (Pope) in Rome.

Our Thanks to Intercessors

  • Intercessors are remembered in daily prayer each morning before the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Intercessors are invited to an annual, private, day retreat at Pilgrim Center of Hope.
  • Each Intercessor receives a monthly letter informing him or her of this apostolate’s urgent needs, concerns, and blessings.
  • During each Intercessor’s time of commitment, his or her intentions are offered in prayer at holy sites on every pilgrimage led by Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox.

Our Lady of Hope – Pontmain, France

“But pray, my children. God will hear you in time. My Son allows Himself to be touched.”

Become an Intercessor


(A) Print, sign, and mail Commitment Form to Pilgrim Center of Hope.

(B) Print, sign, and email Commitment Form to Pilgrim Center of Hope.