My Friend Elizabeth

My friend Elizabeth was a wife, mother, widow, socialite, convert, educator, caregiver, and religious founder.  Let me tell you a little bit about Elizabeth.  She met and married William at the age of 19.  She was so in love with William, and he was so fond of her as well.  Both of them came from upstanding families and were well known in their community.  Their love for one another was admired by friends and family.  William and Elizabeth had five children.  When her husband had fallen ill, she became his caregiver.  She even went as far as moving him to a warmer climate due to his Tuberculosis.  On arriving at this new place, they (William, Elizabeth, and one of their daughter’s Ana) were quarantined because of William’s Tuberculosis.  During the time in quarantine, Elizabeth remained positive and upbeat despite their circumstance.  It was during this time that she learned about the Catholic faith.  She was born and raised Episcopalian.  While in quarantine she became closer to God reading the bible and praying with William.  Unfortunately, her husband died shortly after they were released from quarantine.  She was devastated because the love of her life was gone.  It was returning back to her hometown after the death of her husband that she converted to Catholicism.  After becoming Catholic all support was gone, most family and friends did not approve of her change in faith. Elizabeth didn’t let this bother her, she pressed forward and focused on her family.  She then started a Catholic school that was free and open to all with a focus on the poor.  Then later she started the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph’s.

Journeying With a Saint in the New Year

My friend Elizabeth is St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Her feast day is celebrated on January 4th.  Can you believe she accomplished all of this before passing at the age of 47?  I don’t think I can accomplish as much as she did in my lifetime.  Everyone is unique and God’s plans for each and every one of us are different. I call St. Elizabeth Ann Seton one of my role models.  I often ask for her intercession.  I ask for her help in being more like her as a wife and mother.  Maybe you can seek out a Saint to call on for help this new year.  One thing I am going to try and do this new year that St. Elizabeth Ann Seton did, is getting closer to God.  Here are just a few goals I have written out that I plan on doing.  Perhaps, you too can make a list of goals to do this new year to draw closer to God as well.

  1. Confession. Go at least once a month.
  2. Mass on Sunday along with receiving the Eucharist and try going one day out of the week also.
  3. Adoration is my opportunity to sit and be still. Listen to what God has to tell me.
  4. Read the Bible. Wherever it opens to, read the scripture and reflect on it.

I’m sure if I at least try and reach any or all of these goals, God will welcome me wherever I am in my journey of life! One last thing I would like to share of my role model is a prayer that can be said daily at the start of the day:

O Father, the first rule of our dear Savior’s life was to do Your Will. Let His Will of the present moment be the first rule of our daily life and work, with no other desire but for its most full and complete accomplishment. Help us to follow it faithfully so that in doing what You wish, we will be pleasing to you. Amen.

Featured Image and Prayer captured from The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton official website.

Gloria Chapa-Solano Wife of 14 years, mom to a 9-year-old.  Always praying to the Holy Family for help and guidance on how to be a better wife and mother.  From Gloria, “Although I fail almost every day I am blessed with the Lord’s grace to wake up every day and try again.”

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