Meet St. Elizabeth of the Trinity | Socials with the Saints

Have a Social with the Saints! Meet St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, a young Carmelite nun who had a deep relationship with the Holy Trinity and is quoted in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Hear her story, and be inspired to know & love God and neighbor more.

How To Participate Virtually

1. Meet St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
At the time listed, watch the video below (or via our social media).

2. Discussion
Listen as we discuss how St. Elizabeth can inspire us in daily life. Use the audio player below (or your favorite podcast app).

3. Live with Hope!
Download the pamphlet & quote cards below, and share with friends. Send us your feedback to join the conversation!

Miss the premiere time? All media will be available on-demand afterwards.

Cost: Pilgrim Center of Hope is a non-profit evangelization ministry, sustained only by donations. While there is no required fee for attending, please consider donating a one-time gift or showing your support with a monthly donation. Every bit helps this mission of hope to continue. Thank you!

Our thanks to Christi Rohmer for her sponsorship donation toward this Social with the Saints!

1. Meet St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

2. Discussion

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3. Live with Hope!

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