Meet a Jordanian Catholic

What is it like to be a Catholic in a mostly Muslim country?

Find out this week, when we interview Bassima Sam’an, a native of Jordan, and an active member of the Jordanian Catholic community. Mrs. Sam’an holds degrees in Theology and Business Administration, and writes for several Arabic/Christian and public newspapers.  She serves on the Management Board for the Christian Hope Fund in the Holy Land, and is a member of several social committees dealing with women’s rights and family issues.

Mrs. Sam’an participated in a Vatican conference called Woman and Man: The Humanum in Its Entirety hosted by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, where she spoke on the subject of “Woman in the face of fundamentalism and violence.”


  • Website for the “Diocese” of the Holy Land, The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
  • Learn about the Church in Jordan by visiting Father Rifat Bader’s news website, (Abouna means ‘Father.’) The website is in Arabic. However, if you click on this link, Google will give you a rough translation of the website. We met Abouna Rifat Bader when we visited his parish during a pilgrimage and celebrated Mass with him in Amman, Jordan. He is the Vatican Radio Correspondent for Jordan.
  • Visit the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) for news and information on Christians in the Holy Land




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