Mary of Nazareth

Join Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox on a spiritual journey to the Holy Land, where they will introduce us to Mary of Nazareth. She became the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God. She is without a doubt one of the most prominent and important figures in all of Christianity.

During this episode, you will:

  • Be introduced to Mary of Nazareth
  • Hear about the history of Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus
  • Learn about Mary’s role in God’s salvation plan for his people

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Jewel for the Journey:

“Mary is that happy ark, in which those who take refuge will never suffer the shipwreck of eternal perdition” – St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Get More Out of Your Journey:

Holy Land Rosary Booklet by Deacon Tom Fox

Holy Land RosaryDeacon Tom Fox has written a Holy Land Rosary booklet which is available from Pilgrim Center of Hope. This 80-page booklet includes meditations written by him, photos of the Holy Land, and the history and explanation of the Rosary. The Rosary Booklet price is $9.95; all proceeds support our evangelization ministry. Call us now for your order at 210-521-3377.

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