Lithostrotos & Jesus’ Trial (Jerusalem)

Join Angela Sealana and Mary Jane Fox as they set sail on a journey to Lithostrotos, also called Gabbatha in the Gospel, which translates to Stone Pavement. Mary Jane has led over 60 pilgrimages to the Holy Land and has brought many pilgrims to one of the most memorable places in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Antonia Fortress. Pilgrims take time to reflect on the trial and the torture of Jesus, but also on his innocence, his love, and mercy for all of us.

During this episode, you will discover:

  • What is it like to visit this pilgrimage site today?
  • How does Jesus’ trial and Passion relate to my life?
  • How can embracing Christ’s Passion bring peace?

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Listen to This Program Now: 

Jewel for the Journey:

“There is no evil to be faced that Christ does not face with us.” – Pope St. John Paul II

Get More Out of Your Journey:

The Antonia Tower and the Lithostrotos – The Archaeological Site

Ecce Homo Jerusalem – Historic Pilgrim House in The Old City

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