As I lay motionless in bed…

Holy Land and Germany 2010 pilgrim group

Pilgrim group and their private audience with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, and pilgrimage spiritual director Bishop Patrick J. Zurek

During the 3 1/2 months in the hospital, as I lay motionless in bed all I could do was pray. So pray I did, many Rosaries….and as I prayed the different mysteries, I mentally took myself to each of the places we visited during the Holy Land pilgrimage.  I would close my eyes and visualize the many beautiful sights.  I could remember the scent coming from the stone where they prepared the body of Jesus, the walk to Calvary as we prayed the Stations of the Cross, the excitement of joy I still feel just remembering the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, the touch of the stone and the star where our Lord was born ….I could just go on and on.  I am so grateful for this trip and the gift of the experience to walk in our Lord’s footsteps.

So now, I tell friends, family and anyone who will listen about my trip and encourage them to do the same if it be God’s will.  I am so excited and anxious to continue serving our Lord.

– Sonia Ornelas

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