Journeys With the Living Stones – Mt. Carmel, Israel

Join Angela Sealana for this episode of our unique mini-series Journeys With the Living Stones – inspired by the words of St. Peter’s first letter in the New Testament (cf. 1 Peter 2: 4-5). This passage refers to the “living stones,” those whose ancestors have passed on the Catholic faith to them, and who are living witnesses to Jesus Christ.

Throughout this mini-series we will be accompanying pilgrims as they take us back to their pilgrimage journey.

This week, Angela Sealana will interview Holy Land pilgrim Marjorie McClellan, for a visit to the sacred site of Mt. Carmel located in the Haifa District of Israel. Many significant moments in the life of the Old Testament prophet Elijah took place here. Mt Carmel is also home to the 19th century Stella Maris Monastery, the world headquarters of the Carmelite religious order.

Jewel for the Journey:
Let nothing disturb you, nothing frighten you.
All things are passing. God never changes.
Patient endurance obtains all things.
Whoever has God lacks nothing. God alone suffices.
– St. Teresa of Avila

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