We are all so very aware that our country, the world, and even many elements of our own communities, are experiencing challenges.

Many are saying: “What are we to do? There is so much confusion and fear.”

Each one of us can do something powerful about this situation. We can protect our families, save our way of life, and we can, in fact, have a major impact on saving the world from ruin.

Invoking the Holy Name Jesus or Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is the shortest, most powerful prayer. It is the powerful and mighty name of JESUS!

We may have been hearing this name since childhood, but how many have an adequate idea of the great wonders of this Holy Name?

A Dominican preacher, Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, reveals to us the simplest guide for holiness, happiness, and security. The following information is based on his 40-page booklet titled The Wonders of the Holy Name.

Once you read it, you will want to share this message with family and friends! In his booklet, Fr. O’Sullivan brings forth stories, Scripture, history, and the lives of the saints, showing the power of the Holy Name of Jesus.

See the bottom of this page for information about how to obtain Fr. Paul O’Sullivan’s 40-page booklet, The Wonders of the Holy Name.

A Message of Hope

On Easter morning, the Church proclaims:  “Alleluia, Alleluia! Jesus the Christ has risen from the dead!”  This is a most powerful message for hope!

In the wake of COVID-19, we have all been dragged down by fear & uncertainty. Further, we sense that our country and the world are in one big, colossal mess.

Do not lose hope. Each one of us can do something powerful about this situation.  In fact, we can stop the spreading of these impending evils, save our families and our way of life.  

Prayer can have a major impact on saving the world from ruin. The Holy Name of Jesus gradually fills our souls with a peace and joy that we have never had before.  Further, the Holy Name of Jesus gives strength to bear out our sufferings and make them lighter and easy to bear.

A Solution for Centuries

In the year 1274, great evil threatened the world. The dangers were so great that Pope Gregory X called a council of bishops in Lyon, France, to determine the most effective means of saving society from the ruin that menaced it. They determined that the easiest and most effective thing that they and the ordinary citizens could do was: “The frequent repetition of the Holy Name of Jesus.”  Their efforts were crowned with success in the resulting peace.

A massive plague broke out in Lisbon, Portugal in 1432. It was terribly contagious… People died anywhere; in the street, market, church, or at home.  Many of the dead laid unburied in the streets. Seized with fear, people fled the city for their lives, and thus sadly spread the disease throughout the country. Among those who assisted the dying was Monsignor Andre Dias who lived in Lisbon. This priest was very devout, and he believed that if people would call on the Holy Name of Jesus, they would receive the graces needed & healing.

He urged everyone to call on the Holy Name of Jesus. News spread; the whole country of Portugal began to pray Jesus, Jesus!  Confraternities formed in the churches and processions of the Holy Name were made monthly.  Sick and dying people who were blessed with holy water and prayed for through the Holy Name, rose healthy and healed. In merely a few days, the city was free of the deadly terror. The miracles did not end there. Before long, throughout all of Portugal, people turned humbly and trustfully to Jesus, calling upon His All-Powerful Name and finding… peace, health, and freedom.

Church of the Holy Name of Jesus, Lyon, France

Powerful Effects

The Divine Name is, in truth, a name of riches. It is so powerful, so certain, that it never fails to produce in souls the most wonderful results. 

  • Consoles & Strengthens

    It consoles the saddest hearts and makes the weakest sinner strong.

  • Provides

    It obtains for us all kinds of favors and graces, spiritual and temporal.

  • Perfect Love

    The prayer of Jesus’ Holy Name is an act of perfect love, because we offer to God the infinite love of Jesus.

  • Protects

    This sincere prayer also saves us from the power of the devil, who seeks to harm and trap us.

Each time we say “Jesus,” we give God infinite joy and glory, because we offer our Heavenly Father all the infinite merits of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. Each time we say “Jesus,” we can offer to God all the Masses being said all over the world, for our intentions.

To truly discover the wonder of the Holy Name, we must do two things: First, we have to clearly understand the meaning and value of the Holy Name of Jesus. Secondly, we must get into the habit of saying it devoutly, frequently… Far from being a burden, it will be an immense joy and consolation.


Saint Paul the Apostle tells us that we must do all we do, whether in word or action, in the Name of Jesus.

All whatsoever you do in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ… (Colossians 3:17).

  1. Understand clearly the meaning and value of the Name of Jesus. In this way, every act becomes an act of love and of merit, and moreover, we can receive grace and help to do all our actions well.
  2. Do your best to form the habit of saying, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, very often every day. We can do so no matter what we are doing; when dressing, working, walking, in moments of happiness and sadness, at home, in the car, everywhere…

Every one of us, without exception, can invoke Jesus’ Holy Name hundreds of times a day for his or her intention.

Go to Jesus, our Savior! Ask him for the grace to confidently and lovingly invoke his powerful Name at every hour and in every need.

Now is the time to re-engage in saying this prayer. Together, let’s faithfully say this simple prayer, and promote & spread this prayer in our homes, to our friends, through every method that comes to mind. If we do, our reward will be immense joy, consolation, and victory over the evils that now threaten us.

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