Hope at the Workplace

Our journey this week will be unique and special in many ways. Come along with Jason Nunez and his guest, George Campa, and take a journey to Hope at the Workplace! The 2022 State of the Global Workplace report, released by Gallup, revealed along with dissatisfaction, workers are experiencing overwhelming rates of both disengagement and unhappiness. There is hope and this is what we will be shining a light on!

During this episode, you will hear:

  • How scripture can help us find hope in our daily routine
  • There is always room for Forgiveness and Grace
  • And learn a few lessons to encourage & inspire you on your daily pilgrimage
    of life.

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Guest Information

George Campa is a Senior Salesforce Consultant, but first and foremost, a Catholic, brother, and leader. Throughout his career, he has worked in engineering, financial crimes investigations, and Salesforce. Beyond the workplace, George is actively involved in the young adult community of San Antonio, leading ministries and engaging young adults into service for the Lord. Besides being a professional and ministry leader, George enjoys reading, learning, teaching, working out, and spending time with close friends.






Jewel for the Journey:

“Work! When you are engrossed in professional work, the life of your soul will improve, and you’ll become more of a man for you’ll get rid of that “carping spirit” that consumes you.” – St. Josemaría Escriva

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