Dawn Eden speaks at the 2013 Catholic Women's Conference in San Antonio

Hiring: Events & Marketing Coordinator


7680 Joe Newton, San Antonio, Texas 78251 | 210-521-3377 | PilgrimCenterOfHope.org

Our Mission
Answering Christ’s call, Pilgrim Center of Hope (PCH) guides people to encounter Him so as to live in hope, as pilgrims in daily life.

Our Core Values
Humility & Trust | Docility & Discernment | Kerygmatic Joy

Our ministry encompasses pilgrimages, conferences, and evangelization outreach. PCH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, founded in June of 1993 by Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox.


POSITION: Events & Marketing Coordinator

This is an exciting opportunity for someone interested in:

  • Utilizing their gifts to be creative with our events
  • Being creative in communicating the mission of Pilgrim Center of Hope
  • Meet people from San Antonio and beyond
  • Join an energetic team united in presenting messages of hope!

Full-time: 35-38 hours per week

Compensation:  $________ per hour starting point. (To be discussed with applicant)

Education: Minimum: High School Diploma and Organization Experience

Reports To: Pilgrim Center of Hope Directors

Job Summary

To coordinate all Pilgrim Center of Hope events as planned and scheduled; and to promote Pilgrim Center of Hope to parishes, organizations and individuals as planned and scheduled.  Maintain a professional and respectful decorum rooted in Catholic ethics and values in all aspects of event planning and execution.

Mission & Purpose

The Pilgrim Center of Hope (PCH) Events and Marketing Coordinator must have a solid foundation in Catholic teaching so as to efficiently and effectively represent the PCH mission and fulfill responsibilities through Pilgrim Center of Hope’s mission of “guiding people to Christ and the Church.” This missionary spirit is lived out through the coordinating of PCH events, including conferences, parish events, at-PCH events and helping with the planning of the annual fundraiser. Additionally, the Events & Marketing Coordinator promotes PCH events and Pilgrim Center of Hope in general through public speaking, writing, and by fostering relationships with parishes, organization and individuals in the mission and purpose of Pilgrim Center of Hope, “Answering Christ’s call, we guide people to encounter Him so as to live in hope, as pilgrims in daily life.”

In working at Pilgrim Center of Hope, the Events & Marketing Coordinator, joins the staff, volunteers, intercessors, and benefactors as Missionaries of Hope in times of work, prayer, and fellowship at the service of our ‘CEO,’ Jesus Christ. Pilgrim Center of Hope Missionaries of Hope always remember this ministry is the Lord’s, and we are blessed to be included.

As Events Coordinator

Under supervision of PCH Director, the Events Coordinator:

  • Coordinates all activities related to PCH annual conferences (Currently: Catholic Women’s Conference, Catholic Seniors’ Conference and Catholic Men’s Conference).
  • Works in conjunction with development coordinator to coordinate all logistical activities of the annual fundraiser, Rejoice in Hope.
  • Coordinates all activities related to PCH events held outside PCH (i.e. parish events), including working with members of the PCH Speaker Team.
  • Oversees all activities related to PCH events held at PCH.
  • Directs event planning volunteer committee(s) and at-event volunteers

As Marketing Coordinator

Under supervision of PCH Director, the Marketing Coordinator:

  • Promotes Pilgrim Center of Hope at Archdiocese of San Antonio parishes through parish visits with pastor, religious education, parish groups, etc.
  • Speaks & presents including at organizational meetings to promote PCH (i.e. Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters).
  • Works with PCH Media Department to promote Pilgrim Center of Hope through a variety of media platforms.
  • Writes promotional content, as needed (i.e. conference emails, articles, blogs).

Office Perks

  • Prayer in chapel (Monday-Friday)
  • Monthly staff luncheons
  • Weekly staff meetings including faith formation
  • Peaceful environment

How to Apply

Please directly call or email Pilgrim Center of Hope, and request the detailed job description for the Events & Marketing Coordinator position.

Those who understand the detailed job description and wish to apply should request the Application Form.

Note that submitted application forms must be accompanied by the applicant’s tailored resume.