Friends In High Places

Why do Catholics pray to saints? Some Christians think that we should only pray to God, not any human being.

We pray to saints to ask for their prayers on our behalf (called “intercession”). Intercessory prayer builds up the Body of Christ, the Church, because it is a demonstration of our mutual dependence and love for one another in Christ.

Prayer to saints is a tradition founded in biblical theology and practiced throughout the history of the Church. In several instances in the Old Testament, angels are described as praying for God’s people on Earth. In Revelation 5:8, John receives a vision in which the “elders” in Heaven each “were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.”

Around 258 AD, St. Cyprian, in a letter to Pope Cornelius, wrote:

“Let us be mutually mindful of each other, let us ever pray for each other, and if one of us shall, by the speediness of the Divine vouchsafement, depart hence first, let our love continue in the presence of the Lord, let not prayer for our brethren and sisters cease in the presence of the mercy of the Father.”

Nan Balfour and Julie Reyna chatted with Melanie Rigney, speaker for the 2014 Catholic Women’s Conference and author of Sisterhood of Saints.

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