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The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin

The man pictured on the Shroud not only looks like a real person (as opposed to an artistic creation); he is actually anatomically flawless down to minor details — a body which suffered actual wounds and stained the cloth with genuine blood. This body was crucified, almost certainly by the Romans, and was buried in a manner consistent with ancient Jewish burial practices. The body was very likely Jewish and was almost certainly that of Jesus of Nazareth.

Ralph draws on official scientific data from the Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc. to demonstrate the man of the Shroud’s cap of thorns and scourging with Roman flagrum, nails through his feet and wrists, death from asphyxiation, and piercing with a lance through the chest after death. He will also demonstrate how the Shroud is a photographic “negative” –a photographic record created by a kind of “scorch”.

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Speakers Offering This Talk

  • Ralph Paglia