My heart goes back again and again…

Going to the Holy Land was an experience so beyond anything I have known and its gifts to me – by the grace of God – continue to be unveiled. This year, Advent and Christmas had an additional layer of meaning for me – having been in the land where Jesus walked and having rested my eyes one beautiful evening on the very hills where the shepherds were keeping their watch.

So many places spoke to my heart with their silent eloquence – from the Sea of Galilee to the Mount of Olives and beyond… But my heart goes back again and again to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the gift we had of touching those sites in the company of others in the universal Church whose hearts are also at home in that setting. What a gift to settle into that Old City of Jerusalem and being permitted to arise in the early dawn and visit those places where Our Lord lived His Passion…where He poured Himself out for us…

None of this could have unfolded in the way it did if it were not for your kindly “tending of our interesting flock” of pilgrims from all over. The way you expressed care for each soul in the group and the generous way you looked after our interests and the sincere desire you had that we would each experience the Holy Land in the way best suited to our spiritual needs of the moment – these are gifts that Holy Spirit has showered upon you and you in turn poured out on us.

I was impressed by all the friendships and relationships you have built over the years in that small but important piece of the globe. Clearly you have the respect and affection of so many! […] Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job of guiding pilgrims to the Holy Land!

– Eileen Love


Eileen (in white) poses with fellow Endow participants outside a Jordanian voting center, with local Catholic Bassima Sam’an (blazer), and trailblazing Christian Jordanian woman who ran for local office. The excursion helped pilgrims experience local Jordanian political process and gave insight to the daily lives of local Christians & women.



Eileen meets local Israeli Jewish woman during an Interfaith Women’s Panel organized especially for this pilgrimage.

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