Creating a Prayer Space

Do you know the benefits of creating a prayer space in your home? Invite God into your home formally by creating a simple prayer space. You only need a few items, and you can always make it personal by adding items that are special to you.

Set up your prayer space at a place in your home that you see everyday if you tend to forget to pray. Even the top of your dresser can be a great place for you to stop and pray before you begin your day.

  • Bible
  • Crucifix
  • Candle (battery operated works, too)
  • Holy Water
  • Rosary

It’s helpful to have a chair or place to sit or kneel here. If you have small children, even a special blanket on the floor with faith-related books or toys that stay in this area can be a way to welcome them to pray here with the family.

Making It Personal

  • Other items: Prayer Cards, Saint Statues, angel statue, icon images or other sacred art, etc.
  • For couples: Items related to your wedding/marriage
  • For families: Baptismal candles or other reminders of your reception of the sacraments

Perhaps each member of the family has a favorite saint? Find an image of that saint & make a place where you can all together ask for their prayers. For example: At Pilgrim Center of Hope, each of our staff members has a saint that journeys with us through the year. At the end of our Chaplet of Divine Mercy, each of us says, “St. (Name)” and we all respond, “Pray for us.”

Let us know if you have any questions about setting up a prayer space or send us a picture of your space to share ideas with others! You can email it to us at or post it to us on Facebook @PilgrimCenter.

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