Confession and God’s Mercy – Feb. 17, 2010

Fr. Martin Leopold answered your questions on the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession), penance, forgiveness and God’s mercy in this episode of Catholicism Live!

Pearls of the Week:

  • Archbishop Jose Gomez’s Pastoral Letter, “The Tender Mercy of Our God.” Read the pastoral letter in English or Spanish here. You can even print a copy for yourself and your loved ones.
  • “Meeting the Merciful Christ” by Fr. Joseph M. Champlin. A wonderful 31-page booklet available through St. Anthony Messenger Press or your local Catholic bookstore.
  • “A Practical Guide for the Sacrament of Confession” by Human Life International. An easy-to-use, wallet-sized pamphlet including the steps to Confession and an examination of conscience that we’re giving away for free at the Pilgrim Center of Hope! Would you like one? Come see us or give us a call.

Saint of the Week: St. Gerard Majella, patron saint of a good confession

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