Simple Ways to Share

  1. Attach the flyer image to a text message.
  2. Share the flyer image on social media.
  3. Invite friends to the Facebook Event.
  4. Share the flyer image with your groups (GroupMe, WhatsApp, etc.)
  5. Email the flyer.

Inspired Ways to Invite

  1. Download the flyer, print a few & keep some in your vehicle.
  2. Take flyers to your next group meeting.
  3. Pick up ‘mini flyers’ (business card size) and keep a few in your wallet.
  4. Take ‘mini flyers’ (business card size) to your next group meeting.
  5. Request flyers for your next retreat.

Feminine Genius

  1. Share flyers with neighbors (especially those with a Rosary on their rear-view mirror)!
  2. Tell your pastor after Mass this weekend.
  3. Give a flyer to your child’s CCD teacher.
  4. Call the campus ministry office of your alma mater, and let them know there are Registration Scholarships available. (Maybe even sponsor a few young women to attend!)
  5. Ask a business owner you know if they’ll keep flyers at the front of their business.

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