Our mission is to foster an appreciation for the personal dignity of women, to encourage women to know and love God, and to inspire them to use their feminine gifts for the transformation of family and society.

The CWC is an event for healing, for spiritual direction, for receiving tools for everyday living and resources for education. CWC is presented by Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Ministry of Conferences.

All women are welcome. You don’t have to be perfect to begin anew in Christ!

Spiritual Success!

We praise God for the spiritual success of this year’s Catholic Women’s Conference! Available Now: Women of Hope video package! What is it? A 5-week enrichment series of videos from our CWC 2021 speakers. Women who registered for the conference received these videos. If you didn’t register, you can access this awesome video series through the form below.

Conference Talk Recordings

Stillpoint Media recorded the speakers’ 2021 talk presentations for you to keep forever, and share with family & friends!

Order your CDs or MP3 audio files using their order form.

2022: Mark Your Calendar!

Save these dates for the next Catholic Women’s Conference: July 29 & 30, 2022!


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