Catholic Men's Conference


I’m busy that day. Can I sign up for the virtual attendance and watch it later?

Yes! The recording of the conference will be available for 7 days following the event for all registrants.

What happens if I registered to attend in-person, but I cannot make it to the event?

All registered participants will receive an email on the day of the conference, with information about accessing the virtual event. Simply follow the instructions and enjoy the conference at-home in real time or on your own time for up to 7 days following CMC.

Is there an age limit?

No. Males of all ages are encouraged to come and encounter Christ and be in fellowship with other men in order to be taught, inspired and encouraged in the vocation to manhood.

Sensitive subjects may be presented, and we encourage parents & guardians to provide direction for their sons. The sad reality is that boys of even elementary age are being bombarded with these subjects out in the world; it is best to hear them in the light of the Church so as to grow in virtue and faith in God.

Conference Experience

What would it be like to participate virtually?

From home, you’ll log into a unique website given to you and enter a provided password. This will allow you to access the virtual website, which includes:
* Video player with the recorded conference
* Conference Event Program Booklet PDF to follow along
* Virtual Exhibitor Listing – Browse several vendors & ministries with exclusive discounts for you to strengthen and share your faith beyond CMC
* FAQs and ways to contact us via email or text message for feedback & support

You’ll be able to see what’s happening on the conference stage just as the in-person attendees saw it (maybe even better!).

Here’s what Women’s Conference Virtual Participants said:

  • “This was the first year attending the Catholic Women’s Conference virtual and was a little doubtful that it would not be the same as being there in-person. I was wrong, I was really impressed with the way it went. No issues at all. It was easy to connect.”
  • “The virtual side was well done and showed you all were well prepared… Sound was good, cameras were good, and I felt included with the ‘shout outs’.”
  • “This is the first time me and my three sisters participated because it was virtual and we live in different areas of Texas. We text during the breaks and lunch and shared our experience. Wonderful experience!”

What will I experience by participating in the conference (in general)?

You will experience a safe and peaceful environment with opportunities to encounter God through the presentations, the Bishop’s message for you, and be encouraged by seeing many men seeking the Truth!  We are sure many of your questions will be answered… Don’t we all have at least one or two?

Is there anything in Spanish? CMC will not be offered in Spanish this year.

Level Up

How can I help with the conference?

I’ve been inspired by what I’ve heard at past conferences, how can I continue to “Fan the Flame” of my faith after the conference?

– Purchase the CMC talks to listen to them again.
– Pray daily! Seek God in prayer, and pray with your spouse, family or friends.
-Worship Him: attend Sunday Mass.
-Read the Word of God.
– Join a Bible Study or faith formation group in your parish.

Also stay connected with Pilgrim Center of Hope through our multimedia series; visit our website for the listing & ways to enjoy them. There’s something for everyone – weekly reflections via email / blog, podcasts / audio series, video series… educational, encouraging & challenging: all guiding you into an encounter with Christ, so as to live in hope in your daily life.


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