Beautiful Hope

Our recommended spiritual tool for this week is the book Beautiful Hope, edited by Matthew Kelly.

As we struggle to survive and grow in a culture that seems to produce hopelessness with astounding consistency, and when everything seems chaotic as we are faced with many negative realities, we may be tempted to think that nothing makes sense anymore – that there seems to be no hope that things will get better.

But we are not alone! God is continually present with us, and His love and grace fill us with great hope. Knowing this, we can be peaceful and hopeful in the midst of our difficulties.

In this wonderful book, Beautiful Hope, well known million seller Catholic writer, Matthew Kelly has collected a number of short essays and personal stories on this topic by many contributors, some well-respected authors and speakers, and other ordinary people who, like you, have dealt with challenges and problems just like you.

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ENCORE! Finding Hope

We all struggle to live and survive in a culture that focuses entirely on the wrong things: wrong values, wrong direction, wrong understanding of reality, and that can lead to chaos and total hopelessness. The rat race seems unending and often leads only to disillusionment, discouragement, depression and even despair. In the midst of all this, however, God is present with His love and wisdom and healing, and this brings us great hope.

Join Father Ed Hauf, OMI, and his guest Jason Nunez (host of John 3:30 Podcast) to discover how you can find hope in your life, no matter what you’re going through.


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St. Rita of Cascia

Our saint of the week is one whose whole sanctity is based on her great virtue of hope. St. Rita of Cascia was born in 1381 in Roccaporena, Italy. She lived a very difficult life on earth, but she never let it destroy her faith or her hope.

Although she had a deep wish to enter religious life, her parents arranged her marriage at a young age to a cruel and unfaithful man. Because of Rita’s prayers, he finally experienced a conversion after almost 20 years of unhappy marriage, only to be murdered by an enemy soon after his conversion. Her two sons became ill and died following their father’s death, leaving Rita without family.

She hoped again to enter the religious life, but was denied entrance to the Augustinian convent many times before finally being accepted. Upon entry, Rita was asked to tend to a dead piece of vine as an act of obedience. She watered the stick obediently, and it inexplicably yielded grapes. The plant still grows at the convent, and its leaves are distributed to those seeking miraculous healing.

For the rest of her life until her death in 1457, Rita experienced illness and an ugly, open wound on her forehead that repulsed those around her. Like the other calamities in her life, she accepted this situation with grace, viewing her wound as a physical participation in Jesus’ suffering from His crown of thorns. Through it all she never last hope. Although her life was filled with seemingly impossible circumstances and causes for despair, St. Rita never lost her hope in the loving mercy and help of God.

Her feast day is May 22. Countless miracles have been attributed to her intercession. St. Rita of Cascia, pray for us.

St. Philip Neri

At an early age, he abandoned the chance to become a businessman, moved to Rome from Florence and devoted his life and individuality to God. After three years of philosophy and theology studies, he gave up any thought of ordination. The next 13 years were spent in a vocation unusual at the time—that of a layperson actively engaged in prayer and the apostolate.

As the Council of Trent (1545-63) was reforming the Church on a doctrinal level, Philip’s appealing personality was winning him friends from all levels of society, from beggars to cardinals. He rapidly gathered around himself a group of laypersons won over by his audacious spirituality. Initially they met as an informal prayer and discussion group, and also served poor people in Rome.

At the urging of his confessor, he was ordained a priest and soon became an outstanding confessor, gifted with the knack of piercing the pretenses and illusions of others, though always in a charitable manner and often with a joke. He arranged talks, discussions and prayers for his penitents in a room above the church. He sometimes led “excursions” to other churches, often with music and a picnic on the way.

Some of his followers became priests and lived together in community. This was the beginning of the Oratory, the religious institute he founded. A feature of their life was a daily afternoon service of four informal talks, with vernacular hymns and prayers. Giovanni Palestrina was one of Philip’s followers, and composed music for the services.

The Oratory was finally approved after suffering through a period of accusations of being an assembly of heretics, where laypersons preached and sang vernacular hymns! (Cardinal Newman founded the first English-speaking house of the Oratory three centuries later.)

Philip’s advice was sought by many of the prominent figures of his day. He is one of the influential figures of the Counter-Reformation, mainly for converting to personal holiness many of the influential people within the Church itself. His characteristic virtues were humility and gaiety.


The Holy Spirit – New Life in Joy and Power

Do you know what it is to be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Do you know what the gift and the fruits of the Holy Spirit are?

Join Fr. Ed Hauf, OMI and his guests Josie & Gabe Fernandez – active in the Life in The Spirit Teaching Series – as they discuss God’s plan for all His children to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we can become as much like Jesus as possible.

Fr. Ed and the Fernandez will also talk about receiving the infilling or baptism of the Holy Spirit, which changes people’s lives forever, by making us more dynamic, more peaceful, more aware of how precious we are to God, more loving, more peaceful, and more patient. Through this infilling of the Holy Spirit, we are given a whole new sense of value and also new ways of coping with life’s hurts and problems.


RADIO! – Weds., July 25 @ 8 PM

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Holy Spirit Make Your Home in Me by Fr. George Montague, SM

George Montague invites us to welcome the Holy Spirit into our hearts in fresh, new ways. Both an eminent bible scholar and a humble pastor, Fr. Montague meditates here on the gift of the Holy Spirit in Scripture. He employs popularly presented biblical interpretation, warmly described personal experience, and the inspiring testimony of others to show us how God’s gift of the Spirit is meant to powerfully transform our lives.

Twenty-six short, readable chapters on biblical images, gifts, and works of the Spirit.
A beautifully crafted prayer at the end of each chapter.
Relevant for all, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

Fr. George T. Montague, SM, is a Marianist priest known internationally for his numerous books on Scripture and spirituality. He is former president of the Catholic Biblical Association of America and editor of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly. A popular speaker, he has been involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since 1970, and is professor of biblical theology at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.


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His Cross In Your Life by Bertrand Weaver, CP

His Cross In Your Life

by Bertrand Weaver, C.P.

The Cross has the answers you are seeking…

… and Fr. Weaver’s powerful book will help you find them. It’s just 112 pages of always practical, never theoretical, advice. Father Weaver reveals how the cross can bring you peace, joy, and happiness, and he shows how you can unite any suffering in your own life–large or small–with the sufferings of Christ.

From the book –  “Because of the cross, Christianity is a religion of hope.  There would be no hope for mankind if it were not for the cross. … Christ bears the hopes of humanity in his out-stretched arms on the cross.  With that gesture of embrace he encourages every (one) to hope.”

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Looking for more spiritual books? Consider searching on Amazon! Pick Pilgrim Center of Hope as your charity when you shop and a portion of your purchase helps us at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support for the mission of Catholic evangelization!

Saint Paul of the Cross

St. Paul of the Cross

Born in northern Italy in 1694, Paul lived at a time when many regarded Jesus just as a great moral teacher nothing else.

After a brief time as a soldier, he turned to solitary prayer, developing a devotion to Christ’s passion.

Paul saw in the Lord’s passion a demonstration of God’s love for all people. In turn that devotion nurtured his compassion and supported a preaching ministry that touched the hearts of many listeners.

He was known as one of the most popular preachers of his day, both for his words and for his generous acts of mercy.

At the age of 26 – Paul founded the Congregation of the Passion, whose members combined devotion to Christ’s passion with preaching to the poor and rigorous penances.

Known as the Passionists, they added a fourth vow to the traditional three of poverty, chastity, and obedience, to spread the memory of Christ’s passion among the faithful.

Paul of the Cross died in Rome at the age of 81.


“Take the holy crucifix in your hands, kiss its wounds with great love, and ask Him to preach you a sermon. Listen to what the thorns, the nails, and that Divine Blood say to you. Oh! What a sermon.” (St. Paul of the Cross)

Why the Crucifix?

ENCORE! Why the Crucifix?

Why do Catholics use, wear, and display crucifixes if Jesus has resurrected from the dead? Listen in as Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox discuss this popular question.

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ENCORE! Growing In Love

Who is Jesus? How does he change lives? How can we become more loving toward ourselves and others when we encounter Jesus? Join Mary Jane Fox this week, to learn more!


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