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Fountain of Life | Large-print Catholic prayer book for seniors


This simple prayer booklet compiled by Pilgrim Center of Hope, a non-profit Catholic ministry based in San Antonio, TX, is for seniors’ daily life with Christ and in being a ‘missionary prayer.’

We believe that our prayers are heard and answered according to God’s will; “The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful” (James 5:16).

In his homily during Mass on November 19, 2013, Pope Francis said, “The elderly pass on history, doctrine, faith and they leave them to us as an inheritance. They are like a fine Vintage wine; that is, they have within themselves the power to give us this noble inheritance.”

8.5″ tall x 5.5″ wide
High-Quality Paper Stock


  • Prayer for Seniors
  • For Grandchildren
  • Blessing, For A Child or Relative
  • Morning Offering
  • The Holy Name of Jesus
  • Five Brief Prayers
  • Act of Contrition
  • Psalm 51 (excerpts)
  • God Protect Us
  • Prayer in Time of Need
  • Uniting Suffering with Christ
  • For Healing
  • For Trust and Confidence in God’s Mercy
  • Prayer to Jesus
  • Prayer to St. Jude, Saint for Impossible Cases
  • Prayer of Abandonment
  • Prayer of Praise
  • For the Gift of Wisdom
  • For the Gift of Hope
  • For Priests
  • For Vocations
  • For the New Evangelization
  • For Fallen-Away Catholics
  • To Saints Anne & Joachim
  • To St. Michael Archangel
  • To Your Guardian Angel
  • Prayers of the Rosary
  • Memorare
  • Memorare of St. Joseph
  • To St. Joseph, for a Holy Death
  • To the Blessed Mother to Obtain a Happy Death
  • For the Souls in Purgatory
  • Spiritual Quotes
  • Helpful Resources

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Seniors: Embraced By God’s Gifts of Age & Grace

Fr. Charlie Banks, OMI, speaks to seniors about how they are “Embraced By God’s Gifts of Age & Grace” at the 2nd annual Catholic Seniors’ Conference, organized by Pilgrim Center of Hope at the request of Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, MSpS.

Seniors hear a message of hope

SAN ANTONIO – Senior citizens and other adults from San Antonio and beyond, gathered for Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Catholic Seniors’ Conference on May 4, 2019 at St. George Maronite Catholic Church’s Phoenician Ballroom.

Pilgrim Center of Hope offered resources for seniors including Mass celebrated by the ministry’s chaplain, Fr. Patrick Martin, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, ministry and vendor exhibitors with resources for physical, mental, and spiritual health, and much more.

During morning Mass, Fr. Patrick Martin encouraged those present to trust that the all-loving God is present to them in all circumstances, especially times of illness, loneliness, difficulty, and suffering.

Messages of joy and hope were offered in presentations by Jeannette Santos, LPC, Fr. Pat Martin, and Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox.

  • Recordings of the first 2 presentations, as well as photos of the day’s events, are available to view on the CSC website.
  • The Foxes’ presentation also drew adults of various ages, as it was the second in a Saturday morning Meet the Master series being offered by Pilgrim Center of Hope and open to all throughout the rest of 2019.

Seniors walked away encouraged and renewed in spirit, ready to continue their journeys in hope. On evaluation forms, seniors thanked Pilgrim Center of Hope for offering this experience especially for them.

Catholic Seniors’ Conference Success!

The Catholic Seniors’ Conference held on Saturday, February 24 was a great success! The conference was held at St. Matthew Church & McDonald Center. There were 288 attendees, many of whom expressed their gratitude for such an event!

Archbishop Gustavo began the day with Mass. His homily stressed the importance of seniors’ prayers and wisdom. The attendees completed evaluation forms that included positive comments on how the CSC inspired and encouraged them. One participant wrote: “The value of coming to this conference encouraged me to continue to grow in my faith, even at 86!” The opportunity for confession was also offered. One person shared that it had been many years since they had received this Sacrament of Reconciliation!

The speakers’ presentations have been added to our website. Please share this with others.

Toward next year’s conference, we plan to emphasize that all ages are welcome. Many seniors need their children and grandchildren, or neighbors and friends, to provide transportation so that they can benefit from this encouraging event. Stay tuned to our website & email list for updates!


Excerpt from sections 191-193, “The elderly”

The elderly help us to appreciate “the continuity of the generations”, by their “charism of bridging the gap”. Very often it is grandparents who ensure that the most important values are passed down to their grandchildren, and “many people can testify that they owe their initiation into the Christian life to their grandparents”. Their words, their affection or simply their presence help children to realize that history did not begin with them, that they are now part of an age old pilgrimage and that they need to respect all that came before them.


Pope Paul VI Hall | Saturday, October 15, 2016

Excerpt: The Church looks to the elderly with affection, recognition and great esteem. They are an essential part of the Christian community and of society and, in particular, represent the roots and memory of the people. Yours is an important presence, because your experience is a valuable treasure, indispensable for looking to the future with hope and responsibility. Your maturity and wisdom, accumulated over the years, can help the youngest, supporting them in their journey of growth and openness to the future, in the search for their path. Indeed, the elderly show that, even in the most difficult times, one must never lose faith in God and in a better future. They are like trees that continue to bear fruit even under the weight of the years. […]

In a world such as ours today, in which often the myth of force and appearance prevails, you have the mission of bearing witness to the values that truly count, and which remain for ever, as they are inscribed in the heart of every human being and guaranteed by the word of God. Precisely as people of advanced years, you – or rather we, as I too form part of this group – are called upon to work for the development of a culture of life, showing that every season of existence is a gift from God, and has its beauty and its importance, even if marked by frailty.


Basilica of St. John Lateran | Thursday, June 16, 2016

Excerpt: “The old men shall have prophetic dreams” (cf. Joel 2:28). This was a prophecy that Joel made for the time of the Spirit. The old men shall have dreams and the young men shall see visions. With this third image I should like to underscore the importance that the Synod Fathers gave to the value of witness as the place in which one can find the dream of God and the life of men. In this prophecy we contemplate a binding reality: in the dreams of our elders often lies the possibility that our young people may have new visions, may once again have a future. […]

This absence of examples, of witnesses, this lack of grandparents, of fathers able to tell their dreams, does not allow the younger generations to “see visions”. And they are at a standstill. It does not allow them to make plans, since the future creates insecurity, doubt, fear. Only the witness of our parents, seeing that it has been possible to fight for something that was worthwhile, will help them to lift their gaze. How can we expect young people to take up the challenge of family, of marriage as a gift, if they continually hear us say that it is a burden? If we want “visions”, let our grandparents share and tell us their dreams, so that we can have the prophecies for the future.

“Seniors Matter!” 2016 Catholic Seniors’ Conference summary

“Seniors, Your Presence, Your Experiences, and Your Prayers do Matter!”

The 3rd annual Catholic Seniors’ Conference, held on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at St. Matthew Catholic Church can best be described as a joy-filled day which yielded tremendous insight, laughter and hope.

Special guest speakers, Fr. Servando Guerrero-Ponce and Susan Tassone, seized the moment to connect with the approximately 400 seniors in attendance. The mood throughout the day was positive and uplifting. The level of intimacy and warmth that each presenter generated was astounding!

The day began with the celebration of the Eucharist, which set the stage for a day filled with God’s grace and blessing. Once everyone got situated in the McDonald Center, the room full of elders was treated to a videotaped welcome message from Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, whose vision it was to create the Catholic Seniors’ Conference. Inspired by the retirement of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in 2013, Archbishop approached the Pilgrim Center of Hope, organizers of the Catholic Women’s Conference and Catholic Men’s Conference, asking them to create a conference especially for seniors.

Fr. Servando Guerrero Ponce, a young, vibrant priest of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, had several powerful messages during his presentation, “Life’s Journey to Our Heavenly Father.” Seniors ‘young and old’ were reminded that their presence and their stories are important.

Fr. Servando told all present that, regardless of their age or infirmity, they are loved for who they are, going back all the way to their time in the womb. He said, “Your journey began in eternity and you are headed to eternity.” About the challenges of growing old and overcoming difficulty, Father said that as we all get older we realize, “Life is about waiting for the storm to pass and learning how to dance in the rain.”  Fr. Servando urged all in attendance to enjoy the here and now, to experience God right now. And wherever we are, we need to be fully present.

The momentum and energy of the day only increased for author Susan Tassone’s presentation called, “God’s Mercy in the Mystery of Suffering.” Susan, who is known as the champion of the Holy Souls (in Purgatory), came striding onto the stage in a brand new pair of red cowboy boots, purchased right here in San Antonio, especially for the occasion.

Several inspiring messages were shared by the author of the new St. Faustina Prayer Book for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, chief of which was the revelation that the suffering of the elderly, when offered up and united with prayer, can help the Holy Souls reach heaven. Susan also reminded everyone that the two chief sources to help the souls in purgatory are the holy sacrifice of the Mass and praying the Rosary.

Following an in depth question and answer period with the audience, Miss Tassone led the group of attendees in a faith-filled and reflective scriptural Rosary. Making the moment even more special was the presence of a painted portrait of Our Lady of the Rosary on the main stage, created by artist Ken Fox, brother of Pilgrim Center of Hope co-founder Deacon Tom Fox.

This event marks the third year that the Pilgrim Center of Hope has organized and presented the Catholic Seniors’ Conference – Hallmarks of Aging and Wisdom.

Proverbs 13:14 tells us, “The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life.” To ensure that this message is continually carried out, plans are already underway for the 2017 Catholic Senior’s Conference.  If you would like more information about participating in next year’s event, please contact the Pilgrim Center of Hope at 210.521.3377 or directly email Nan Balfour, Events Coordinator: events@pilgrimcenterofhope.org.