The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

Palm Sunday – The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ

ARTICLE – Every time we sin, we say “crucify him.” Deacon Tom Fox offers insight as to how we can make reparation for those times.

What Are You Looking For?

ARTICLE – What Are You Looking For? Jesus’ question stirs in the heart of every one of us. Many people don’t know what they are looking for or how to bring meaning to their life. Find steps here to direct your search, by finding life in Jesus.

Facing Difficulties – Lessons from St. Patrick and the Irish

ARTICLE – Some might see St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to party and drink green beer. We offer a different perspective, St. Patrick is more closely connected to fasting and penance.

The Blessing of Turning our Why into What

ARTICLE – What is your response when you don’t believe God answered your prayer? How often do we expect God to come as we say and when we say? We offer a helpful way to replace our demands on God to answer our ‘why’ with an invitation to come into our ‘what.’

The Transfiguration Makes a Way for the Cross

ARTICLE – Why was The Transfiguration in yesterday’s readings? Deacon Tom Fox connects the dots for us.

Hope Gets Us Through the Desert

ARTICLE – We would be uneasy with the idea of being in the desert, alone and powerless against the elements and the unknown. Have you ever felt like you were in a figurative desert and wondered how you would carry on? This is where hope comes in.

Is It Selfish to Ask God for Healing?

ARTICLE – Is it selfish to ask God to heal me? We offer encouragement and hope on this very topic.

Take courage! He is calling you.

ARTICLE – Do you feel God is calling you? Do not fear, take courage!

Live Life to the Fullest, with Hope

ARTICLE – Is Jesus the Lord of Your Life? It’s never too late to begin anew with Christ.

Evangelization, What Does it Mean?

ARTICLE – Evangelization, what does it mean and how can I put it into action? Find some insight and a great example, here!