The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

Life with Christ Is A Wonderful Adventure

ARTICLE – Mary Jane Fox offers encouragement for those who are faced with the choices God is placing in front of them.

Clearing the Way for the Love & Mercy of Jesus Christ

ARTICLE – Do you feel too far away from God’s mercy? Looking to two ordinary people in Scripture, we reflect on the hope that is in store for each of us, regardless of our past.

Do We Recognize Jesus When He Calls?

 Jesus has been baptized by John in the Jordan River; he has spent forty days in the desert, and now he is beginning his public ministry by choosing his apostles. […]

An Example to Follow: Inspiration for My Ordinary Life

As my birthday approaches, and with it my sixtieth year of life, reality has been tapping me on the shoulder and whispering, “You have more years behind you than those […]

How Being YOU Can Change the World

ARTICLE – See what our faith says about the importance of one individual – including you!

A Plan of Fulfillment & Assurance

ARTICLE – Mary Jane Fox offers encouragement to those on their journey of faith by looking at the big picture.

Lessons From The Holy Family

Maintaining The Order Established By God The universe and all of creation was created by God with a certain order that maintains harmony and peace. As God gave mankind dominion […]

Are You Prepared To Receive Jesus?

ARTICLE – How can we prepare ourselves to receive Jesus? (Especially written for Advent)

The Wonders of Expectation: Remaining with God When Our Expectations Aren’t Met

ARTICLE – What about those times when we step out of our comfort zone, take courage in God’s grace… and our miracle does not come? Those times when we do not feel rejection from our fellow man, but from God himself?

Why No Gloria In Advent?

My husband and I enjoy watching A Charlie Brown Christmas every year. Who could forget that classic moment, when a deeply perturbed Charlie Brown yells, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas […]