The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

How Unexpected Experiences Can Become A Blessing

ARTICLE – Taking St. Anthony de Padua as an example, we reflect on how unexpected experiences and trials can become blessings for us from God. Gain hope and courage to move forward with a new outlook!

Where Is Your Lenten Journey Taking You?

Hopefully this Lent finds you journeying alongside Jesus toward closer union with God. In many ways, this 40-day time of prayer and reflection, in preparation for Holy Week & Easter, resembles the ancient tradition of going on pilgrimage. While you may not be traveling to a sacred destination, there are some key parallels which may […]

Trusting What God Says About Me

ARTICLE – Do you struggle with self-doubt, worry, or feelings of being unloved? This reflection will help you set things straight, as we look to what God says about you.