The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

Find Peace in the Silence of Life

ARTICLE – Let’s face it… noise; whether it’d be electronic, people, or even music; can fill us, but not fulfill us. How does one find God in silence? Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Co-Founder & Co-Director, Mary Jane Fox, shares some thoughts on how silence can lead to peace.

Seeking Answers from Jesus

ARTICLE – Are you looking for answers to questions such as, “Why is (fill-in-the-blank) happening?”, “What do you want me to do with my life?”, or “Should I choose Option A or Option B?” Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Media Coordinator, Angela Sealana offers some thoughts, when looking to Jesus for answers.

Finding Hope in the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes

In every situation, Jesus always knows what he is going to do, but there are times when he will ask us what we are going to do when we are confronted with a challenge. Will we limit the possibilities of a solution to the resources at hand, perhaps believing it is hopeless?

Jesus, Show Me The Way

ARTICLE – With all of life’s ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies, joys, and sorrows, do you ever feel like you need to find direction? Who do you turn to when you feel this way? Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Speaker Team Member, Victor Negron offers some helpful ways to look to Jesus for direction.

Becoming the Body of Christ

ARTICLE – What is a Holy Day of Obligation? Who is called to make up the Body of Christ? Pilgrim Center Hope’s Events Coordinator Nan Balfour offers some great insight to help you on your daily pilgrimage of life.

Making God the Center of Your Life

ARTICLE – How can we keep God at the center of our life, so we can look to him for direction? Pilgrim Center Hope’s Speaker Team Member and 2021 Catholic Women’s Conference Emcee, Renee Polka offers some thoughts to help you on your daily pilgrimage of life.

Staying the Course When Praying

ARTICLE – Have we become accustomed to efficiency? God does things in His own way and in His own time. God answers all prayer that is for our good and the good of his kingdom. Find insight on how to stay the course when praying, in this week’s Pilgrim Log.

Joseph, Foster Father of the Redeemer

ARTICLE – Pope Francis has proclaimed a year of St. Joseph, from December 8, 2020, through December 8, 2021. How can YOU find inspiration and hope from the Foster Father of Jesus?

Having Faith Even When We Do Not “See”

ARTICLE – How do you keep your faith in God even when you do not see? No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, there is an opportunity to search your heart, then you will see.

The Kingdom as Seed

ARTICLE – Have you ever considered your words and actions, as planting seeds in others? Are you planting seeds for the kingdom of God? In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Debra Garza shares her experiences in planting seeds. Read and you will see, how these apply in our daily lives.