The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

What Should We Pray for our Children?

ARTICLE – God knows what our children need better than we ever can, but he does expect us, parents, to act in our God-given authority over our children. Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Events Coordinator, Nan Balfour shares an exchange between Jesus and the mother (Salome) of His Apostles, James and John. Every parent should be inspired, take courage, and be challenged by Salome’s example.

Love of God and Neighbor

ARTICLE – God is love, and he commands that we who are created in his image participate in his love for our own happiness and the completion of his plan for humanity. If humanity is to believe in God, it must see God’s love in those who speak his name.

The Abundant Joy of God’s Love

ARTICLE – Have you felt the abundant joy of God’s love? The joy of knowing God is profound and can exist in the midst of difficulties. Do you know this? Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Co-Founder & Co-Director, Mary Jane Fox shares an encouraging message to help you along your journey of searching for true peace and joy.

How to Bring Light to the Darkness

ARTICLE – Do you share the light of Christ with others? This can be a challenge for some of us. Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Event Coordinator, Nan Balfour shares a creative way she shared her faith with a family member and encourages us all to be a ray of hope.

“Good Pope John” – Why you shouldn’t overlook Pope St. John XXIII

ARTICLE – Today, we celebrate the Memorial of Saint Pope John XXIII. In this week’s Pilgrim Log, our Media Coordinator, Angela Sealana shares with us a few lessons, Jolly John, has taught her.

Do I Have to Evangelize?

ARTICLE – Have you ever felt called to evangelize a friend or loved one but didn’t know how to? Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Speaker Team and Board of Directors Member, Victor Negron offers some helpful ways to be a light to the world by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

A Path to Full Discipleship of Christ

ARTICLE – At baptism, we are called to be Priest, Prophet, and King. In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Deacon Tom Fox shares the way to truly be a Disciple of Christ.

A Lesson from the Country that Evangelized Itself

ARTICLE – Did you know September 20 is the Memorial of the Korean Martyrs? In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Our Media Coordinator, Angela Sealana shares how Korea’s search for truth led them, not only to a surprise meeting with Jesus, but to completely change their worldview.

Not Understanding: Humility

ARTICLE – What prevents us, like the disciples, to more fully understand what Jesus is telling us about serving him and others? In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Pilgrim Center of Hope Speaker Team Member, Debra Garza offers some great insight into this question.

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

ARTICE – In Matthew 19:20-22, a rich, young man asks Jesus, “Teacher, what must I do to gain eternal life?” Deacon Tom offers some great insight into the answer Jesus provided the rich, young man. He also shares some suggestions to help us stay close to Jesus, as we journey through life.