The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

Finding Answers through the Narrow Gate

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus refers to a question that will be asked to some of us when we wish to enter the Kingdom of God. If Jesus would ask you, […]

Peace or Division: Did Jesus Contradict Himself?

ARTICLE – Was Jesus the Prince of Peace? Why did he say that he came to establish division? How can we deal with these seeming contradictions in Scripture as Christians?

What Is the Solution to All the Problems In Our Lives?

ARTICLE – Even though we may know we can trust him, persevering confidently in God’s trust until we can witness the good can be very difficult. It is precisely in these out-of-our-control situations that we are called to act in faith and discipline ourselves to not withdraw into our fears.

Redeemed from Destruction

ARTICLE – Has your desire for productivity seeped into your faith or prayer life? “What have I done for God today?” is a common question in religious circles. Sometimes this can lead to scrupulous thoughts and understandings of God. See clearly through this reflection.

What Effect Does the Lord’s Prayer Have?

ARTICLE – Deacon Tom dives into the Lord’s Prayer; not only the meaning, but also the effects of this powerful prayer given to us by Jesus.

Do You Have An Intimate Relationship with God?

ARTICLE – Step by step, here’s a guide to growing closer to God through a personal relationship in prayer.

What Does It Cost to Be Free? My Experience of Forgiveness

ARTICLE – In a reflection on the places where Jesus experienced his Passion, be encouraged on your journey toward forgiveness and healing.

What Jesus Offers Us, the World Does Not

ARTICLE – Have you ever asked yourself what inspired men to drop everything to follow Jesus, when He called out to each of them? How is it that a man whose life depends on his career, leave his work to follow a man named Jesus?  What did they see or experience that would cause them to follow?

A Simple Guide: How Can I Better Respond to Jesus?

ARTICLE – What does “saying yes to Jesus” look like in our daily lives? Deacon Tom shares from his ministry experience.

How Can I Possibly Make A Difference?

ARTICLE – Jesus said that his followers would do even greater things than he. But how is that possible? Life can be overwhelming, especially when we consider all the problems in the world, in our country, our state, city, neighborhood, family, and our own selves. Read on to see how we can reconcile these two realities.