The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

Jesus, What Is Your Plan for Me?

ARTICLE – Since God doesn’t send us stone tablets in the mail, how should we know where to go next?

Why Is Humility So Important?

ARTICLE – What is humility? How important should growth in humility be in our priorities?

Why Pray?

ARTICLE – Let’s keep it simple: Why pray? What are the benefits? Read on for a boost and motivation to work on your prayer life.

Teach Me to Pray the Cross!

ARTICLE – Sharing a story from her hospital bed in Israel, Mary Jane demonstrates how each of us can simply share our faith with someone.

Let’s Go!

ARTICLE – Answering Pope Francis’ call to mission, we can find an example & encourager in Mary.

How Should I Respond to God’s Gifts?

A Recap of This Sunday’s Word At Mass this Sunday, we heard the prophet Amos says “Woe to the complacent…they shall be the first to go into exile.” When we […]

Follow Me: Why Matthew Followed Jesus

ARTICLE – What was it about Matthew’s encounter with Jesus that led him to leave his way of life?

Are You Feeling Unworthy of Answering Christ’s Call?

Because Jesus said that he came to call sinners, he has provided every single one of us with a path to forgiveness and redemption. There have been a few times […]

Approaching Life Transitions – A Quick Guide for Christians

ARTICLE – When we face a change in our lives, how can Christians find motivation to keep going? Through looking at Jesus, find answers and concrete steps to begin your journey with hope.

Finding Answers through the Narrow Gate

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus refers to a question that will be asked to some of us when we wish to enter the Kingdom of God. If Jesus would ask you, […]