The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

How to Stay Authentically Yourself Today

ARTICLE – Don’t die as a photocopy; live as an original! Meet a holy teen of the 21st century who inspired us with his life in the digital age.

How Do I Know God Is Real?

ARTICLE – Do you think about Jesus as a real person, alive and happy? Pope Francis reminds us of this.

How Does Jesus Save Us?

ARTICLE – In a world full of conflict, how would you explain how ‘Jesus saves’? Pope Francis reminds us of this in writing “Christus Vivit.”

How Is God Love?

ARTICLE – As people who are wounded in so many ways, we can easily forget, or perhaps have never heard, the truth about God’s love for us. Pope Francis reminds us of this in writing “Christus Vivit.”

Fortitude: A Virtue We Need Now (+How to Get It)

ARTICLE – In difficult times, we need inner strength. But how do we get it?

What Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Can Do for You

ARTICLE – See the surprising power of stepping out of our comfort zone. Are you aware of what happens when we don’t?

Finding Joy, Faith & Hope In Any Situation

ARTICLE – Our lives don’t always work out as we expect or wish. Deacon Tom reflects on how Scripture tells us to find the treasure in all circumstances.

Do Something to Spread Hope (Here’s How)

ARTICLE – Get some concrete ideas that anyone can do to spread hope right now!

How We Can Amaze God

ARTICLE – Each of us can be a hero right now… no superpowers required. See the surprisingly simple yet powerful way that we can amaze God – as we learn from Jesus’ life.

How to Pray These Days: Expert Advice

ARTICLE – Do you ever feel like you’re “praying wrong” or don’t know how to start praying? Get distracted? Bored? Here’s some expert advice!