The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

A Path to Interior Freedom

ARTICLE – What do you think of when you hear the word commandment? Does that bring forth a negative thought? God’s commandments are a gesture of love, wanting to protect his children from danger. 

‘Fear the Lord’: Does God Want Me to Fear Him?

ARTICLE – Are we really supposed to fear God? What does ‘Fear of God’ mean, and how is it helpful for a faithful person’s everyday life?

Is There a Witness to the Resurrection?

ARTICLE – Many saw Jesus afterward, not one was with him when he resurrected. Why is that?

What Sustains You In Hope? “One Alone Is True”

ARTICLE – As we are confronted by life-changing issues, where are we looking for the hope for which we long? 

Re-Focusing Our Lives


Have Hope: God Is Present!

ARTICLE – Often, when we are going through a trial or great difficulty, our temptation is to focus on our dilemma… Find some words of encouragement and hope right now.

Listening… In A Noisy World!

ARTICLE – Have you ever said to yourself, “If only I can get away for some quiet time!” or, “Is anyone listening?” Here are a few simple steps to take.

How God Is Your Friend

ARTICLE – Jesus himself called us his friends. What does this really mean for our daily lives?

Finding Fairness In Who Is Truly Happy

ARTICLE – Does it seem unfair that some people are happy, while others are not? How can we reconcile this with a good God? Deacon Tom offers a Scripture-based reflection for our daily lives.

How to Live to the Fullest, Today!

ARTICLE – In these times of worry and anxiety due to fears of pandemic and social unrest, the Church comes to bring hope! Did you know that God wants your happiness? See how we know & are convinced of this.