The Pilgrim Log

Weekly Inspiration to Live Your Daily Pilgrimage

Praying with Justice

ARTICLE – When we go to God, when we communicate with our Creator, we are giving back what is owed to him, our worship. But then the question arises, am I giving everything back to God, or just the bare minimum?

The Greatest Treasure We Can Possess: Will You Share It?

ARTICLE – For some, what they have to share may be obvious, like the rich man in the Gospel. For others, it may be a gift they have not even discovered yet. Especially in the spiritual life, the gifts God gives us may remain hidden until…

Proud To Be Humble

ARTICLE – Humility literally starts from the ground, up. What do I mean by that? I mean that we must begin by examining all of our actions, then examine our motives for those actions, to seek out and…

What Did Jesus Actually Accomplish?

ARTICLE – After Jesus died, his mother and just a handful of others took his body from the cross, wrapped it in a burial shroud, and placed it in a tomb. It is in this part of the contemplation that I realized the spirit of the Son of God was free of the body of Jesus in which he had incarnated. Questions came to mind…

Detachment: A Love Story

ARTICLE – A common lesson we learn in our faith journey is the necessity of detaching ourselves from earthly goods in order to reach Heaven. If you haven’t heard from recent homilies, history, or proven science, we can’t take anything with us after we die. Thus, a big emphasis is placed on…

Humility: A Virtue That Delivers Us From Sadness And Jealousy

ARTICLE – Humility is not an easy virtue to develop because our natural inclination is to be proud. We want to be recognized for the good things we do, which isn’t so bad in itself if we are aware that God is the source of our accomplishment, and we give Him glory. The problem is when we…

Humility, A Path to Truth and Intimacy with Jesus

ARTICLE – It takes a great deal of humility to see God and his revealed plan for humanity, as more important than what naturally seems important to us. However, when we look at our life experiences, we realize that almost all the…

Reading the Room Through The Eyes of Christ

ARTICLE – In our secular world, “reading the room” can often be misused for one’s own purpose and for self-gain. Jesus is turning this definition upside-down; his “reading of the room” is an invitation to humility, which can only be done with the mind of Christ and through the eyes of Christ. Enjoy this week’s reflection from Missionary for Hope, Debbie Garza.

How to Build God’s Kingdom with the Help of St. Mary Magdalene

ARTICLE – What can St. Mary Magdalene teach us about following Jesus? In this week’s PIlgrim Log, Missionary of Hope, Nan Balfour shares an inspiring reflection on her journey to the grotto cave where it is believed St. Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 years of her life.

Being Faithful to The Will of God

ARTICLE – Our vocation and our happiness are also realized in our faithfulness to God’s Will as He has revealed it through the Church and the Scriptures. We cannot just do what we want; we must be faithful to His plan.