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Are You Feeling Unworthy of Answering Christ’s Call?

Because Jesus said that he came to call sinners, he has provided every single one of us with a path to forgiveness and redemption. There have been a few times in my life where I felt unworthy of Christ’s mercy due to bad choices that resulted in broken relationships and in one or two cases […]

Approaching Life Transitions – A Quick Guide for Christians

During this month, many of us are experiencing transitions in our lives – whether related to school, work, home, family, or even the simple changing of the seasons. Transitions can be exciting as well as difficult. How are we as Christians called & empowered to approach these challenges? Looking At Jesus The most obvious and […]

What Does It Cost to Be Free? My Experience of Forgiveness

During a Holy Land pilgrimage, I saw a beautiful bush full of soft leaves, red berries and tiny white flowers. Our guide called it Spina Christi. She explains that when dried, the supple branches become sharp thorns. It is this plant which was weaved into the Crown of Thorns and pressed into the head of […]