Bethlehem – St. Mary of Jesus Crucified

Join Deacon Tom & Mary Jane Fox as they lead you on a virtual journey to the ancient city of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus and home to a Carmelite convent where St. Mary of Jesus Crucified once lived.

During this program you will learn more about:

  • The time the Holy Family spent here
  • Why so many holy men and women spent time here in contemplation
  • St. Jerome and the cave where he translated the Bible
  • How the Franciscan order came to be the caretakers of this city and other sites in the Holy Land
  • What all these role models can teach you about your daily life journey

Jewel for the Journey:
Strive to preserve your heart in peace; let no event of this world disturb it. 
— St. John of the Cross

Listen to this program now:

… Listen to the archived audio recording on our website, ASAP!

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