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Living Fully Alive, Right Now

ARTICLE – During these times we may have lost much, but if the Holy Spirit is dwelling in us because we have chosen to live in a faithful relationship with God, we can be confident that we will be “fully alive,” now and for all eternity.

Do We Recognize Jesus When He Calls?

 Jesus has been baptized by John in the Jordan River; he has spent forty days in the desert, and now he is beginning his public ministry by choosing his apostles. It is important to notice that when Jesus called Peter and Andrew and then James and John, they each immediately left everything and followed him. […]

How Should I Respond to God’s Gifts?

A Recap of This Sunday’s Word At Mass this Sunday, we heard the prophet Amos says “Woe to the complacent…they shall be the first to go into exile.” When we take God for granted and live for ourselves, there are consequences. In the second reading St. Paul says, “Lay hold of eternal life, to which […]

Finding Answers through the Narrow Gate

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus refers to a question that will be asked to some of us when we wish to enter the Kingdom of God. If Jesus would ask you, “Where are you from?” what would you say? Why the Gate Is Narrow A clue; he isn’t interested in geography. He wants to know where […]