Entries by Deacon Tom Fox

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

ARTICE – In Matthew 19:20-22, a rich, young man asks Jesus, “Teacher, what must I do to gain eternal life?” Deacon Tom offers some great insight into the answer Jesus provided the rich, young man. He also shares some suggestions to help us stay close to Jesus, as we journey through life.

Are We Truly Wise and Intelligent?

ARTICLE – What is the final authority we look to, as it relates to it guiding our lives? It can be difficult at times to know what is forming us. Deacon Tom Fox shares a great reflection on the pursuit of wisdom and intelligence.

Staying the Course When Praying

ARTICLE – Have we become accustomed to efficiency? God does things in His own way and in His own time. God answers all prayer that is for our good and the good of his kingdom. Find insight on how to stay the course when praying, in this week’s Pilgrim Log.

The Fifteen Most Powerful Words

ARTICLE – What are the most powerful fifteen words in the English language according to St. Francis De Sales? In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Deacon Tom Fox shares those fifteen words, along with additional insight to help us on our pilgrimage of daily life.

I am the Good Shepherd

ARTICLE – “I am the good shepherd, A good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.” Deacon Tom offers a reflection on the gospel readings from Good Shepherd Sunday and how it can be applied to our daily pilgrimage.