Entries by Deacon Tom Fox

Discovering God’s Will For You

ARTICLE – If you asked people if they believed they were going to heaven, they would say yes. However, Jesus says only those who do the will of His Father will enter heaven. How do you know what God`s will is?

Humility: A Virtue That Delivers Us From Sadness And Jealousy

ARTICLE – Humility is not an easy virtue to develop because our natural inclination is to be proud. We want to be recognized for the good things we do, which isn’t so bad in itself if we are aware that God is the source of our accomplishment, and we give Him glory. The problem is when we…

Being Faithful to The Will of God

ARTICLE – Our vocation and our happiness are also realized in our faithfulness to God’s Will as He has revealed it through the Church and the Scriptures. We cannot just do what we want; we must be faithful to His plan.

Yes or No to Discipleship?

ARTICLE – How many people have Jesus called to follow him? Of course, we are all called. If we follow Jesus, the decisions we make will be influenced by our faith. Our decision to follow Jesus must be decisive. If our answer is yes it will be reflected in the…

Realizing Our Happiness Potential

ARTICLE – We receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are necessary for us to discover and live the vocation that God has planned for each of us that will allow us to reach our potential for happiness in this life and for all eternity. For our part, we must…

How to Avoid the Trap of Unforgiveness

ARTICLE – Because of our fallen nature, it is so easy for us to fall into the trap of unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, and stubbornness that cause us to be negative people, and this negatively affects all of our relationships. Deacon Tom Fox, Co-Founder, and Co-Director of Pilgrim Center of Hope encourages us to walk daily with God, and pray from the bottom of our hearts, “Jesus I trust in you!”

The Unconditional Love of the Father

ARTICLE – Are you looking for love that is unconditional? Deacon Tom Fox, Co-Founder, and Co-Director of Pilgrim Center of Hope delves into the Parable of the Lost Son found in the Gospel of Luke (15:11-32) and shares how we can experience God’s love and forgiveness.