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Where Is Your Lenten Journey Taking You?

Hopefully this Lent finds you journeying alongside Jesus toward closer union with God. In many ways, this 40-day time of prayer and reflection, in preparation for Holy Week & Easter, resembles the ancient tradition of going on pilgrimage. While you may not be traveling to a sacred destination, there are some key parallels which may […]

Why Pray?

ARTICLE – Let’s keep it simple: Why pray? What are the benefits? Read on for a boost and motivation to work on your prayer life.

Are You Feeling Unworthy of Answering Christ’s Call?

Because Jesus said that he came to call sinners, he has provided every single one of us with a path to forgiveness and redemption. There have been a few times in my life where I felt unworthy of Christ’s mercy due to bad choices that resulted in broken relationships and in one or two cases […]