Entries by Nan Balfour

The Spark: How to Succeed When Failing

ARTICLE – It is not unusual to be asked, “What are you living for?”  But, what would you say if someone asked you, “What are you dying for?” And… what if we fail? Find encouragement in this reflection.

Let’s Go!

ARTICLE – Answering Pope Francis’ call to mission, we can find an example & encourager in Mary.

What Is the Solution to All the Problems In Our Lives?

ARTICLE – Even though we may know we can trust him, persevering confidently in God’s trust until we can witness the good can be very difficult. It is precisely in these out-of-our-control situations that we are called to act in faith and discipline ourselves to not withdraw into our fears.

Mercy: The Secret to Healing

ARTICLE – We all know we are called to do if we profess to name ourselves Christian; followers of Jesus Christ. We must, like our Master, be merciful through the action of forgiving those who hurt us. Read on to find healing through this gift.