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The Blessing of Turning our Why into What

ARTICLE – What is your response when you don’t believe God answered your prayer? How often do we expect God to come as we say and when we say? We offer a helpful way to replace our demands on God to answer our ‘why’ with an invitation to come into our ‘what.’

How We Can Amaze God

ARTICLE – Each of us can be a hero right now… no superpowers required. See the surprisingly simple yet powerful way that we can amaze God – as we learn from Jesus’ life.

Trusting What God Says About Me

ARTICLE – Do you struggle with self-doubt, worry, or feelings of being unloved? This reflection will help you set things straight, as we look to what God says about you.

An Example to Follow: Inspiration for My Ordinary Life

As my birthday approaches, and with it my sixtieth year of life, reality has been tapping me on the shoulder and whispering, “You have more years behind you than those which are to come.” This message could tempt me to despair. It could make me anxious. It could invade my peace with thoughts like, “I […]