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How to Remain Steadfast in Following Jesus

ARTICLE – Why is it important to contemplate Scripture daily as a Christian? Scripture is the Living Word of God, this means that what is written about God’s people at a certain place and time also speaks to people in all places and in all times. In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Missionary of Hope, Nan Balfour shares four verses of scripture and reflects on how we can be encouraged to live faithfully as a Catholic today.

Gifts of Holy Boldness

ARTICLE – Do you choose to see life as a gift from God, no matter how it turns out? Holy boldness is a grace given to all, waiting simply to be received. In this week’s PIlgrim Log, Missionary of Hope, Nan Balfour shares two examples of Holy Boldness she recently encountered. We invite you to read this encouraging reflection and be encouraged as you journey through your daily pilgrimage of life.

Suffering as God’s Invitation

ARTICLE – No one wants suffering, yet Jesus clearly states it is a condition of his discipleship. In this week’s PIlgrim Log, Missionary of Hope, Nan Balfour shares 3 reasons that experiences of suffering can be transformed for our good. We invite you to read this encouraging reflection and be renewed in hope!

How to Find Success in Our Failures

ARTICLE – Have you ever warned a friend or loved one who was not living up to the Christian way of being? We often think that when we act in charity through our Christian discipleship, we are the ones “doing for” God, but what we do not realize is that it is in these charitable acts God is also at work in us. Missionary of Hope Nan Balfour tackles this subject and helps us understand that there is not just one spiritual battle being fought in this work of mercy.

Inviting God Into Our Annoyances

ARTICLE – In my attempts to walk The Little Way, God’s grace came and to the recipient, charity was given, but interiorly I remained grumpy and resentful. I would apologize to God for my interior complaints. What I recently discovered to great spiritual success is…

The Amazing Way Jesus Heals Us

ARTICLE – In a sincere confession of our sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, God forgives us and we are free of them after we have satisfied the penance the priest assigns. We should also ask forgiveness of the injured party. If that is not possible, we are encouraged to do an act of charity for another, but that does not always heal the…

Learning from Jesus How to Love

ARTICLE – When Jesus tells us in the Gospel of Matthew (5:44), to love our enemy and pray for those who persecute us, he knows that on our own that is impossible for us to accomplish. We can only learn how to love our fellow man through receiving Jesus into our hearts, our minds, and our souls, and allowing…

Choose Jesus and Build a Better Society

ARTICLE – Societies built on unlimited choices or no choice for their members are doomed because humans are created by God to be both ordered and free. Is there a way for humans to build a healthy and sustainable society? Yes, and that way is in allowing individuals within a society to freely…

The Wonder of Mary’s Yes

ARTICLE – Did Mary ask herself at the Annunciation, “What will be required of me? How will my life change? Can I do this? What if I fail?” Her prompt response indicates no, and I believe this is because she at some time before her Annunciation made a choice to believe that what God promised through Scripture would come to be. Her yes to be the Mother of God was simply…

The Love You Had at First

ARTICLE – Are you finding it really difficult in this day and time to live the joy-filled zeal of being a Christian? This was becoming a problem for the early Church as well. In the vision our Lord gave to John that we have come to know as the Book of Revelation, Jesus addressed…