Entries by Nan Balfour

The Love You Had at First

ARTICLE – Are you finding it really difficult in this day and time to live the joy-filled zeal of being a Christian? This was becoming a problem for the early Church as well. In the vision our Lord gave to John that we have come to know as the Book of Revelation, Jesus addressed…

Beyond the Metaverse: How to Discover the True You

ARTICLE – I am sure there are many good applications for the Metaverse, and I am not here to judge its morality. Like anything, it can be used for our good or for our bad. Instead, I ask you to ponder with me an interesting connection between the metaverse and a very Catholic word…

What Did Jesus Actually Accomplish?

ARTICLE – After Jesus died, his mother and just a handful of others took his body from the cross, wrapped it in a burial shroud, and placed it in a tomb. It is in this part of the contemplation that I realized the spirit of the Son of God was free of the body of Jesus in which he had incarnated. Questions came to mind…

The Christian Witness: How to Defeat Evil

ARTICLE – Much more painful and difficult than turning the cheek to be slapped again is to forgive one who hurts you, takes from you, or asks too much of you. How can we possibly be expected to do this? In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Nan Balfour brings to light that Jesus goes further than teaching how to mitigate evil; he trains his disciples how to defeat it.

Everyday Prophecy

ARTICLE – Christians are given a special gift of prophecy through Baptism, allowing them to act on Holy Spirit promptings to help build up the Church, one soul to another. In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Nan Balfour shares two experiences that challenged her to respond to her baptismal anointing to help build up the Church.

Keeping Faith Like St. Peter

ARTICLE – Have you stumbled during this Lenten season? In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Nan Balfour shares an example of when St. Peter stumbled and encourages us to find faith and hope in his words.

It’s About Time

ARTICLE – Is time a divine creation or a human idea? Measuring time is a worthy invention, but let us consider the question of authority; who is serving whom? In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Nan Balfour delves into this topic and proposes a solution to the tension that arises when your responsibilities start to pull you in multiple directions.

Becoming Saints by Working from Within

ARTICLE – It is when trials overburden the Church, the Holy Spirit works to form leader saints; men and women of faith who step up and work from within to reform her. Are you being called to step forward? In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Nan Balfour explores this very topic and encourages us to strive to be saints.

Cultivating Holy Relationships

ARTICLE – Holy relationships are important, and God wants us to have them. How does one cultivate a holy relationship? Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Events Coordinator, Nan Balfour provides some great examples of holy relationships and offers some encouragement for you to apply this in your daily journey of life.