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Life with Christ Is A Wonderful Adventure

There are times when God intervenes in our lives in a dramatic way and gives us a choice that will change our lives forever, but not only our lives; the choice we make may have a profound effect upon the lives of others. Inspiration We can learn from choices people have made through the centuries, […]

A Plan of Fulfillment & Assurance

There are four accounts of the Gospel in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each one is unique and offers us fulfillment and assurance. One specific passage, which is one of my favorites, is from Matthew 11; verses 28-30:  Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give […]

Jesus, What Is Your Plan for Me?

Have you caught yourself asking this question?  Asked by young and old throughout generations, it continues to be a question that causes one to wonder if there is a plan the Lord has for each one of us. I have asked the Lord for direction, and have prayed, “I would like a stone tablet in […]

Follow Me: Why Matthew Followed Jesus

We recently celebrated the Feast Day of St. Matthew, when the Church remembers one of the Lord’s apostles and his conversion. Matthew’s conversion occurred in Capernaum, by the Sea of Galilee, where he worked as a tax collector. (That was not a popular job; most tax collectors in those days were known to ‘cheat’ from […]

What Jesus Offers Us, the World Does Not

ARTICLE – Have you ever asked yourself what inspired men to drop everything to follow Jesus, when He called out to each of them? How is it that a man whose life depends on his career, leave his work to follow a man named Jesus?  What did they see or experience that would cause them to follow?