Entries by Mary Jane Fox

Jesus, Show Me Who I Am

ARTICLE – We are a creation of God! He knew you from the second you were formed in your mother’s womb! This thought in itself is pretty incredible! Because that also means He has known you from the very beginning! What does this say about me? When God created you, He…

A Bavarian Village Identifies with Christ’s Passion

ARTICLE – It all began at a church festival in 1632 when a man named Kaspar Schisler brought the plague into the village. Faced with the great distress of protecting their village, the leaders of the community came together and pledged to hold a passion play once every ten years. Two years later, in 1634, not a single person perished, even though a great number of them still showed signs of the plague…

A Medal from Heaven

ARTICLE – Why would someone wear a Medal every day?  There are many reasons; primarily for love of Mary, Mother of God and belief in her maternal intercession.

4 Attitudes to Find God in Prayer

ARTICLE – According to St. Anthony de Padua, prayer is made up of four indispensable attitudes. Mary Jane Fox provides them with us in this week’s Pilgrim Log to assist us on our pilgrimage of life.

The Abundant Joy of God’s Love

ARTICLE – Have you felt the abundant joy of God’s love? The joy of knowing God is profound and can exist in the midst of difficulties. Do you know this? Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Co-Founder & Co-Director, Mary Jane Fox shares an encouraging message to help you along your journey of searching for true peace and joy.

Find Peace in the Silence of Life

ARTICLE – Let’s face it… noise; whether it’d be electronic, people, or even music; can fill us, but not fulfill us. How does one find God in silence? Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Co-Founder & Co-Director, Mary Jane Fox, shares some thoughts on how silence can lead to peace.

Joy in Tying the Knot!

ARTICLE – When couples “tie the knot”, it is a sign of their willingness to love and sacrifice for their spouse. In this week’s Pilgrim Log, Mary Jane Fox offers great insight on this special topic.

What Are You Looking For?

ARTICLE – What Are You Looking For? Jesus’ question stirs in the heart of every one of us. Many people don’t know what they are looking for or how to bring meaning to their life. Find steps here to direct your search, by finding life in Jesus.