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The Urgency of Being Ourselves

ARTICLE – We all struggle with mask-wearing. Not physical masks, rather spiritual and emotional personas which we portray in various situations; with certain friend groups, at work, at church, etc., and which ultimately hide parts of ourselves. In this week’s Pilgrim Log, our Media Coordinator, Angela Sealana shares an encouraging message about finding the freedom to be our true selves.

Practical Ways to Overcome Worry

ARTICLE – Do you struggle to rise above when you find yourself worrying? Sometimes it can feel like a snowball rolling downhill. Our Media Coordinator, Angela Sealana offers some ways to overcome this feeling and come closer to God in the process.

Seeking Answers from Jesus

ARTICLE – Are you looking for answers to questions such as, “Why is (fill-in-the-blank) happening?”, “What do you want me to do with my life?”, or “Should I choose Option A or Option B?” Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Media Coordinator, Angela Sealana offers some thoughts, when looking to Jesus for answers.