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Making a Journey of Hope to a Cemetery

AUDIO – What happens during a Catholic burial? When visiting the grave sites of loved ones, what is good for my family & I do? What is the purpose & origin of All Souls Day? How can we have hope today amidst so much suffering & loss? Learn about these questions & more in a true journey of hope.

Death & Divine Mercy

AUDIO – What happens when I die? It’s often a frightening or mysterious question, but we don’t have to be anxious. Listen to understand more about God’s mercy and ‘the last things.’

Meet Saint John Paul II

VIDEO – Enjoy refreshments at home as we meet and discuss St. John Paul II – including personal stories. Includes introduction, pamphlet, and quote cards to print and share.

Cana of Galilee – Holy Land

AUDIO – Visit the Wedding Church built over the site of the famous Wedding Feast attended by Jesus, his Mother, and his apostles; where the changing of water into wine took place.

Avila, Spain

AUDIO – Come on a journey to the medieval city of Avila & places of the life of mystic and reformer St. Teresa of Avila, the first woman to be honored as a Doctor of the Church.