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Why Trust St. Joseph? | Meet Mary

VIDEO – Fatima Perez explains why she and her boyfriend consecrated themselves to St. Joseph, and why he is a man to embrace. Watch this short message of hope – part of the Meet Mary series.

Meet St. Edith Stein | Socials with the Saints

VIDEO & AUDIO – St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), who was born a Jew, became an atheist, and converted to the Catholic faith. After an academic career in philosophy, Edith took vows as a Carmelite nun. She was killed in a Nazi concentration camp.

Talking to Jesus | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – How does talking to God and Jesus work? Busy as an Attorney-At-Law, Victor Negron explains how this important prayer works. Watch this short message of hope, part of the Journey with Jesus series.