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Meet St. Francis Xavier

VIDEO, AUDIO & ARTICLE – Meet one of the most renown Christian missionaries in history. Hear his story, and be inspired to know & love God and neighbor more.

Who Do You Say I Am? | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – Who is Jesus? See how his apostles gave wrong answers… and the question Jesus asks in response! How do you answer this question? Watch this short message of hope, part of the Journey with Jesus series.

Meet St. Gerard Majella | Socials with the Saints

VIDEO, AUDIO & ARTICLE – Bullied for years due to his ill health, this young Italian role model inspires us to forgive, to give generously, and to live radically for Jesus. Meet the patron saint of expectant mothers, of a good Confession, and of those falsely accused, a Redemptorist Brother.

Surprised by Mary | Meet Mary

VIDEO – When life surprises us, how do we respond? Hear the story of a young girl whose surprise meeting with a beautiful woman changed her life & the world. Watch this short message of hope – part of the Meet Mary series.