Archbishop’s Visit on 25th Anniversary

We begin the month of July, having reached a major milestone in the history of Pilgrim Center of Hope (PCH); the celebration of our 25th anniversary! June 18 was a historical day for PCH, marked by Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, M.Sp.S celebrating Mass, blessing the land for the future site of Stella Maris Center for evangelization, and graciously remaining with us to visit and enjoy anniversary cake with all those present.

As part of his homily, Archbishop Gustavo shared his thoughts about Pilgrim Center of Hope: It’s a blessing to see how God is calling people to a closer relationship with Him. To be living stones in the Church and to proclaim the Good News of the Lord. So, we pray that the goal of the new Stella Maris Center is fulfilled as this new step is taken to be faithful to your mission.

Praise be to God, not only for having Archbishop Gustavo present, but also for those PCH Missionaries of Hope who filled our Gethsemane Chapel with their spirit of hope and for sharing their joy throughout our day of celebration. We are grateful for everyone who has made possible these 25 years of fulfilling the urgent mission of hope.

Why the Blessing Now?

From the very beginning, we have striven to obey God and the promptings of the Holy Spirit, making sure to always have the blessing of our Archbishop (of the Archdiocese of San Antonio) before we move forward with any major efforts. We began PCH in 1993 with the blessing of Archbishop Patricio F. Flores, received the blessing of Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, and now the renewed blessing of Archbishop Gustavo as we move forward with our Stella Maris Campaign (the realization of our additional evangelization center).

This is an exercise of 2 of our Core Values; Humility & Trust and Docility & Discernment.

Throughout this journey, which began at the Sea of Galilee and was confirmed at the Garden of Gethsemane, the mission of ‘Guiding People to Christ’ has borne much fruit, because we have followed the teaching of St. Benedict to balance prayer and work (ora et labora). Prayer and work go hand-in-hand, and we should approach both with constant effort; the journey to heaven is a long pilgrimage.