Announcing: Multiple Women’s Conferences

The CWC Prayer

Lord Jesus, thank you for the constant love you have for me. Thank you for the gift of life and the gift of faith.

Today, take me into your Sacred Heart and renew my life. I open my heart to your grace, to be healed where healing is needed. Replace any wounds or worries with your peace and joy. Send your Holy Spirit into my life. Guide me to be the woman you have created me to be: your beloved daughter, disciple, and friend. Make me a woman of faith, hope and charity. Please remove any obstacles which keep me from living this way.

Lord, pour out your grace upon this year’s Catholic Women’s Conference, upon the planning efforts, and upon many women – that they may hear your invitation and respond. May the Conference be a time of spiritual renewal, healing, reconciliation and joy for all who attend.

Thank you, Lord Jesus. For all this, I pray in your sweet Name.
Mary, Mother of God, Our Lady of Hope, pray for us.

Hail, Mary…


“Answering Christ’s call” is the beginning of our Pilgrim Center of Hope (PCH) mission statement, because we want our every decision to be the product of careful & prayerful discernment. After 25 years as a ministry, PCH now enters its next era.

Where has the Holy Spirit been leading us?

Today, we announce that Pilgrim Center of Hope’s “Come to Me” Catholic Women’s Conference will offer 2 more localized conferences for San Antonio women, to serve you with a more personal and intimate experience of encountering Jesus:

“Come to Me” CWC North
April 12 & 13, 2019
Venue: St. Mark the Evangelist Church

“Come to Me” CWC South
September 20 & 21, 2019
(Venue confirmation in progress. Look for an announcement soon.)

“Come to Me” Rural & Outside Areas
Dear women living in rural areas (or cities outside the greater San Antonio area), we want to serve you more personally, too. If you are interested in organizing a “Come to Me” conference in your local area, please contact Pilgrim Center of Hope Events Coordinator, Nan Balfour.

Why More Local?

You know our CWC theme: Jesus says, “Come to me, all who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) He also meets us where we are; he ‘comes to us’: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” (Revelation 3:20)

Think about how often Jesus visited people’s homes and neighborhoods – even meeting the Samaritan Woman at her local well. We are following that model this year, by bringing CWC closer to where you live.

From Our Faith

We as Catholics embrace a principle called subsidiarity, which means that we respect the differences in communities and support decision-making at the most local level possible, toward the common good of all (see “The Human Community” in the Catechism of the Catholic Church).

As a conference organized by women, we know that all women’s lives are very different. With our goal to help you encounter Christ and transform your daily life, subsidiarity directs us closer to where you live.

We are choosing parish churches as our venues, to encourage more participation at parishes outside of Mass, supporting parish activity centers and Catholic venues.

Reaching All Women

CWC aims to serve any woman who is seeking God & hope. Hosting CWC North & South enables us to focus on serving particular areas of San Antonio from which many women have not yet experienced CWC. (The map above illustrates which residents CWC North will target & which CWC South will focus on serving.)

Time to Be Missionary Disciples!

To you who live outside CWC North and South regions: We encourage you to build up and strengthen the women’s conferences already taking place in your area or local diocese. Contact your diocesan office to see what is available.

If your area does not yet offer a CWC, we are here to help! Contact us!

Having offered the Catholic Women’s Conference for 17 years, and having mentored rural communities and other dioceses to begin their own event, we at Pilgrim Center of Hope are confident that many women are ready to bring a CWC closer to their own community.

CWC & Beyond… Even More Opportunities

While our Lord has directed us to host smaller & more personal conferences this year (400 seats each), he has also mercifully been orchestrating an additional solution for our growth. Pilgrim Center of Hope will soon be formally announcing its Speaker Team, enabling you to call on PCH for a mini-CWC at your parish, or other parish-based events; like Evenings/Mornings with Mary, Socials with the Saints, and Spiritual Pilgrimages.

Plus, PCH will be offering a new “Meet the Master” Saturday morning reflection series at our peaceful Center in 2019, and continuing the beloved monthly Socials with the Saints.

Yes, this all means more opportunities to encounter Jesus! And still more is on the horizon!

We humbly ask you to pray for PCH, as we “go forth” and organize these events. Pray the CWC Prayer, which many women already pray daily. If you made a resolution to pray more in 2019, we invite you to become a daily Intercessor for Pilgrim Center of Hope’s ministry.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. We are looking forward to the adventures that our Lord has in store for the Catholic Women’s Conference and Pilgrim Center of Hope!