Bishops’ Endorsements

The people who have experienced your ministry connect with the Lord and the Church in new ways, and that is invaluable. May the Lord continue to bless the word and ministry of Pilgrim Center of Hope and thank you for your faithful service to the Church and the people of God.

Please consider a financial gift to help sustain this ministry that has such a remarkable record of success in Catholic evangelization. Your donation will help to continue the good work begun by Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox. We ask your prayerful support for the Pilgrim Center of Hope, so that they will, through the Grace of God, prepare laborers for the Lord’s great harvest.

The Pilgrim Center of Hope emphasizes several important elements regarding our Church and our society. First, it reminds us that we are “pilgrims,” that particularly as Christians we walk a journey of faith with Christ through our lives. On this journey we need guidance, direction, encouragement. The Pilgrim Center is available especially for this reason, and thus it offers us “hope.” The Pilgrim Center of Hope offers a specifically Christian and Catholic basis for the evangelization – and re-evangelization – of our families, communities, and individuals.

Our group was so blessed to have been introduced to the Pilgrim Center of Hope, and to have them serve as our guides.  Mary Jane and Tom were instrumental in making it a true pilgrimage, focused very intentionally on seeking the Lord, encountering Him in this land he made holy by his very presence.  We literally prayed our way across this land […] If you are wishing to plan a pilgrimage of any sort, but particularly to the Holy Land, I highly recommend to you, Pilgrim Center of Hope, San Antonio, Texas… Read the full endorsement.

Vatican II has challenged the laity to unite with the clergy in a new evangelization that will bring hope to the world in which we live. I have given my blessing to this Apostolate. Please be generous in your financial support of this well-needed ministry. This type of evangelization is much needed these days.

The Pilgrim Center of Hope is one of the wonderful, rich notions of what Vatican II Council said – it reminded us again that we are a Pilgrim people…trusting in God, however God leads us. This place is to help others […] it is a place for Jesus to be known, for Jesus to be loved, for Jesus to be proclaimed because we have to proclaim Him. I in a special way extend God’s blessing and pray God’s presence into this house / Center which is special for this work.