Location & Facilities

We invite you to see why everyone who visits exclaims, “It’s so peaceful here!”

Formerly a religious convent, these seven acres nestled in northwest San Antonio offer unique space for prayer, day retreats for small groups, or personal pilgrimage. Jesus waits in Gethsemane Chapel; prayer pamphlets and Stations of the Cross are available for you! Learn about the saints, pilgrimage sites, and venerate holy relics.

Gethsemane Chapel is available for personal prayer during regular business hours.

All are welcome.

Facilities include:

  • Gethsemane Chapel with Blessed Sacrament
  • Sacristy
  • Private room for Confession
  • Outdoor Stations of the Cross
  • Prayer Garden
  • Indoor meeting area
  • St. Joseph building (studio for staff use)

Opportunities for Spiritual Renewal

Would you like spiritual renewal opportunities for your parish/ministry?
Are you a business owner or supervisor wanting to offer faith enrichment for employees?

We welcome you here, or we can travel to your location. Please contact us about your needs. We are here to serve.

Gethsemane Chapel

Gethsemane Chapel is named for the Garden of Gethsemane, where our founders discerned God’s call for their lives. This humble chapel is home to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Stations of the Cross line the walls containing small fragments of the Station in Jerusalem, along the Via Dolorosa where Christ carried the Cross.  A few precious relics as well as sacred art are also housed in this chapel.

Seats 35 persons. Small sacristy is adjacent; liturgical items are available for use upon request.

Gethsemane Chapel is available for personal prayer during regular business hours (9am-5pm).

Main Meeting Space

The Main Building was once a convent for the Society of St. Teresa of Avila Sisters. Since becoming an evangelization Center, it has hosted Bible studies and faith formation meetings; day retreats for parish staff, ministries, and religious orders; small receptions, etc.

  • Larger Gathering Space with tables & chairs
  • Furniture to accomodate buffet-style serving
  • Multimedia equipment available upon request
  • Private sitting areas throughout – Can be used for Confessions

Outdoor Space

The peaceful 6.8 acre property has hosted outdoor prayer gatherings, lunch receptions, and other events. The outdoor space includes…

  • Outdoor Stations of the Cross
  • Galilee Boat Prayer Garden with seating, altar
  • Mini Gazebo
  • Personal sitting areas
  • Open acreage
  • Grill available upon request

Visitor Testimonies

The retreat was incredible!!!! The ladies who attended are still on fire. Thank you so much for everything! Personally, it helped me get back on track. Many beautiful things are happening as a result of the retreat.

The setting at Pilgrim Center of Hope was very healing for (our retreat). Many of us were Courage members and felt the support of Holy Mother Church there. This was our third visit and each time we come it feels more like home.

Sitting in the silence of this place — my mind flashes of all that you have given to me here. This place — this Chapel — this Pilgrim Center of Hope has been a beacon of light — Shining in the darkness of a lost world — a hope to pilgrims — and souls thirsty for peace… Bless this place. Amen.