A Journey with American Heroes

Our journey this week will be unique and special in many ways. Come along with Deacon Tom and Mary Jane and take a journey with American Heroes, and more!

During this episode, you will:

  • Be introduced to a couple of American Heroes who were Catholic and made a difference for our country.
  • Learn about TAPS – how it originated and why we hear TAPS play at military events.
  • Discover ways we can show our patriotism to our Nation.

Featured image of Fr. Michael Quealy captured from Fr Michael Quealy in Vietnam YouTube video.
Featured image of Lt. Vincent Robert Capodanno Attribution: Catholic News Agency.

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Jewel for the Journey:

“…our Declaration of Independence is a declaration of dependence. We are independent because we are dependent on God. If we wish to keep our rights and liberties, we must also keep our God… Piety and patriotism go together. That’s the first glory of being an American.” – Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Get More Out of Your Journey:

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